Article: Top 10 Legendary K-Pop Award Show Performances

Live performances are some of the most fun events for fans to watch as they see their favorite K-pop idols perform live and show their talent. K-pop awards shows are very famous, and many K-pop artists are in attendance. Fans anticipate these shows, and the awards garner a lot of attention for the performances and awards won by artists. The award shows consist of the best MCs and performances by some of the best K-pop artists, and many fans attend the shows to watch them live. South Korea has many award shows that spread out during the last half of the year, and the year-end awards are some of the best times for fans. Many iconic K-pop performances are often from these K-pop award shows. Here are some of the most legendary performances by K-pop artists at award shows.

1. BTS- Melon Music Awards 2019

Melon Music Awards 2019 at Gocheok Sky Dome had one of the most legendary performances in K-pop by BTS. They captivated the audiences with their breathtaking performance of a mix of their most iconic songs. The stage, the props, the members, and the outfits were very grand, and they exuded confidence. The members began with their hits Boy in Luv and Boy With Luv. The members all had solo performances of their songs where they all represented Greek gods and dropped jaws with their performance for Dionysus.

2. GD X Taeyang- MAMA 2014

MAMA 2014 had a performance by the most iconic duo, GD and Taeyang from Big Bang. They performed their song Good Boy and then Big Bang song Fantastic Baby and had some of the best stage presence witnessed by the audience. The opening rap by GD sparked the attention of many for its lyrics, but many praised GD for being honest about mistreatment in award shows. The duo rocked the stage with their charisma and cool and strong presence. The performance remains to be one of the most legendary stages to date.

3. PSY- MAMA 2015

Gangnam Style by Psy is an iconic Korean song that went viral worldwide and brought attention to K-pop. At the Mnet Asian Music Awards in 2015, Psy closed the ceremony by performing Napal Baji, Daddy, and Gangnam Style and hyped the audience with his fun and energetic performance that is still considered iconic.

4. EXO- SBS Gayo Daejeon 2018

SBS Gayo Daejeon 2018 had many performances, but EXO stunned the audience with their closing performance. They left fans in awe as they performed their iconic hits Love Shot and Tempo. Kai started with his jaw-dropping solo and the group performed Love Shot. Baekhyun and Sehun then had a duo moment before Tempo. Fans were mesmerized by their stage presence and sexiness. They trended worldwide for days after the show, and people consider it one of the most legendary performances ever.

5. 2NE1- MAMA 2015

2NE1 was one of the most memorable artists from the 2015 MAMA. CL performed her hit song Hello Bitches, and soon, surprisingly, the rest of the members joined her on the stage. They rocked the stage with their songs Fire, and I Am The Best. The audience went wild at the energetic performance, and other idols hyped the girl group. The performance remains an iconic moment in K-pop award shows.

6. Taemin X Sunmi- MAMA 2017

One of the most legendary award show performances is from MAMA 2017 when Shinee member Taemin collaborated with Sunmi. They performed Taemin's song Move and Gashina by Sunmi. The two charismatic artists were lethal on stage with their Fatal Temptation theme, and their chemistry had no bounds. The fans and other idols were in awe as the two had subtle but powerful moves that only they could pull off.

7. Mamamoo- Blue Dragon Awards

Mamamoo are known for their live performances because of their vocals and their stage presence. Mamamoo on Blue Dragon Awards turned the atmosphere playful with their fun and engaging performance. They changed the lyrics of their song Décalcomanie and included the names of famous actors and actresses in the audience. The audience watched in surprise at Mamamoo's witty performance as they adlibbed dialogues by those actors and actresses. The energy was off the roof at the show, and fans loved this performance, which is still considered iconic.

8. Seventeen BSS- Circle Chart Music Awards

Seventeen is known for their performance and energy on stage. At the Circle Chart Awards 2022, the subunit BSS performed their songs Fighting and Just Do It, and their energy was off the roof. The members turned the award show into their concert as idols began hyping them up and dancing along to their performance. They even moved around the audience and danced with other idols, who were having fun at how entertaining their performance was. It is one of the most legendary performances on an award show.

9. Leehi- Golden Disk Awards 2018

Solo artist Leehi has one of the most legendary performances in K-pop. In 2018, the show made a tribute to Shinee member Jonghyun after his passing, and Leehi went to the stage to continue after a video tribute. She performed the song Breathe, which was composed by Jonghyun. The performance was heartbreaking as Leehi struggled to keep her tears at bay and sing. Though she struggled with her tone due to how emotional she felt, Leehi tried to sing her best. When she couldn’t sing towards the end the audience clapped for her as encouragement. Leehi and the audience felt the song and its emotions, as they remembered the wonderful Jonghyun.

10. Ateez- MAMA 2019

Ateez is one of the most talented boy groups in K-pop and always has dynamic performances. At the MAMA 2019, they captivated everyone with their performance and charisma. They started with their song Wonderland and dropped jaws when they shifted to BTS's Blood, Sweat and Tears, and View by Shinee. Idols and fans watched in shock at their energy and powerful stage presence.