Article: Top 10 Most Anticipated Upcoming BL Shows

In recent years, the popularity of BL shows has skyrocketed. 2023 has been a year of some spectacular BL series. With many shows releasing in languages like Thai, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese, till now, we have had no shortage of BL shows. BL shows are famous among fans because they are entertaining and captivating. As we move towards the end of the year, fans look forward to watching more creative, out-of-the-box series with interesting plotlines, beautiful cinematography, and electric chemistry of their favorite actors. With many Bl series being in the last stages of production and with release dates and teasers of some, it is safe to say that there are a few upcoming series that the audience anticipates the most. Here are some of the most anticipated upcoming BL shows.

1. Shadow

Shadow is one of the most anticipated BL shows of 2023. This series is a horror-thriller BL, and fans are excited to see Singto in a new Bl show. Dan is a high school student. He suffers from sleep paralysis and dreams of a shadow that suffocates him. He transfers to an all-boys Catholic school called Saint Lawrence for his 11th grade and takes the seat of Trin, who mysteriously disappeared at the lake near the school a year ago. The school's dean and psychologist, Brother Anurak, is close to Dan and tries to cure Dan's sleep paralysis. As Dan becomes friends with classmates Nai, George, and Cha-em, they begin to help Dan deal with the shadow plaguing his dreams and figure out about Trin's disappearance.

2. Cherry Magic

Cherry Magic is one of the most iconic and famous BL series. It is a Japanese BL show adapted from a manga, and now, we are getting a Thai version with fan-favorite actors Tay Tawan and Newwie Thitipoom. On his 30th birthday, Achi suddenly has the power to read minds when he touches people. He accidentally touches and finds out that his office’s famous and handsome employee Karan is in love with him when he reads his mind. Shocked at the fact, Achi tries to deal with his power, Karan, and his feelings.

3. Last Twilight

Mork is a mechanic who gets forced to take a job as a caretaker to a rich family's son Day, due to his debt. After an accident, Day now suffers from partial blindness. Mork is reluctant but determined to clear his debt and surprises Day when he does not pity him. The two begin spending time together and get closer. But fate is not merciful, and Day learns that he will lose his vision in approximately 180 days. Fans are anticipating the show to see what happens with Day and his bond with Mork.

4. What Did You Eat Yesterday S2

Kakei Shiro is a 45-year-old lawyer who is good at cooking, and his partner, Yabuki Kenji, is a hairdresser. The couple have been dating for three years and live in an apartment. The first season showed the couple's life and their relationships with their parents, where dinner is a common setting. In the second season, the couple is in a new phase as they enter their 50s and deal with changes in their lives while sharing warm meals.

5. If It’s With You

This show is the story of Amane, a high school student who has trauma from his past and has given up on love. When he moves to his grandmother's town, he meets Ryuji. Ryuji is Amane's ideal type, and he starts hanging out with him for fun. But Amane does not realize that he would start having deeper feelings soon after. Japanese BLs are famous for their plot and cinematography and fans are excited to see the high school romance.

6. Middleman’s Love

Jade, a graphic designer, has high defenses up because he is always a middleman. People approach him to get closer to others, and he gets overlooked. Mai is an intern who joins Jade's office and becomes popular among women. Jade often catches Mai looking at him and his friend Uea. He assumes Mai likes Uea and suggests helping him. But Jade does not know that this time, the middleman might be the center of attention for Mai. Fans have been excited about the light-hearted show since the actors were revealed for the show.

7. One Room Angel

In One Room Angel, convenience store employee Kōki gets stabbed and imagines seeing an angel while he is dying. Though, he doesn't die and finds himself fully healed. And when he goes home one day, he finds that same angel already there. Kōki pities the angel because he cannot fly and lets him stay with him. The show is anticipated because it's an adaptation of the manga by Harada, and fans are excited to know the story.

8. Wuju Bakery

In a small town, a bakery was re-opened after many hardships by Wuju. A spaceship crashes and lands at the bakery before the business can take off. Wuju meets Ra-On, a handsome and mysterious alien who starts staying with Wuju. Will the charming alien capture the baker's heart? Or will he leave the boy brokenhearted? The show is an international collaboration and stars Thai actors Jeff Satur and Barcode Tinnasit as leads, making fans anticipate its release.

9. Bump Up Business

Eden, a K-pop trainee, meets his senior Jihoon at his company and wishes to be better than him. When Jihoon gets into a scandal, their company tells Eden that he can only debut if he does a Business Gay Performance with Jihoon. The two bicker a lot while they perform well and soon grow closer to each other. When two new artists enter, their relationship gets tested. Fans are anticipating this show because the show stars popular K-pop group OnlyOneOf.

10. Cooking Crush

Cooking Crush is one of the most anticipated upcoming Bl shows. The show stars some of the most famous Bl actors, and since the announcement of the show, fans have been waiting for new updates and its release. In Cooking Crush, Prem, Dynamite, and Samsi run a restaurant. They find out about a competition whose reward might help them. When things go wrong, Prem decides to back off, and in comes stressed medical student Ten, who asks Prem to teach him how to cook. Prem uses this chance to scam Ten, but will that be all, or will they develop feelings? Cooking Crush is a refreshing romance, and fans are anticipating the show and the actors' chemistry.