Article: Top 10 Japanese Actors Who Attract With Their Handsome Looks

Everyone is aware of the Anime world of Japan. People from all around the world have been watching anime series since forever. Even though the Japanese entertainment world is known for Anime, there are very potential dramas. Unlike the Chinese and Korean dramas, Japanese dramas are yet to spread their wings wide in the world. Here are the Top 10 Most Handsome Japanese Actors:

1. Kento Yamazaki

The 26 years old young Japanese actor and model is known to be one the most handsome Japanese actor. Coming from a middle-class family, the actor made his presence known to the world in the live-action series Death Note in 2015 after starting his acting career in 2010. The rising star has a long list of television dramas and films.


2. Mackenyu Arata

Another young star on our list, Mackenyu Arata, 24, is an American-Japanese actor. The actor started his acting career very early with appearances in several movies at the very young age of 9. With the strong background of his father in the entertainment world, Mackenyu proved to be a potential actor and rose to fame with his role in a live-action movie.


3. Takeru Satoh

Popularly known for his role in the Kamen Rider Den-O franchise, Takeru is one of Japan's most handsome and prominent actors. Being a part of the entertainment world for almost 15 years, Takeru Satoh had his breakthrough in 2008 with an award-winning drama and record-breaking franchise. The actor has been a part of hugely successful projects and is a well-known name in Japan.


4. Kentaro Sakaguchi

The actor and model, Kentaro Sakaguchi, is a prominent personality in Japan. Kentaro Sakaguchi is a rising star with enormous popularity and heart-fluttering looks with many awards to his credit. After debuting as a model in 2010, the actor rose to fame with the film adaptation of "Heroine Shikkaku" in 2015. Kentaro has given some tremendous performances over the years and made his place in many hearts.


5. Sota Fukushi

Sota Fukushi is a 28-years-old Japanese actor. Born in Tokyo, Japan, Sota Fukushi kick-started his career in 2010. Interestingly, the actor is passionate about photoshoots and has released several photo books in the last few years. He is popularly known for his impactful role in the franchise "Kamen Rider." The actor has a pretty stable acting career and is loved by many.


6. Taishi Nakagawa

Taishi Nakagawa started his acting career as a child actor. The 23 years old actor did roles older than his age when his popularity started touching the sky, and the audience wanted to see him more on-screen. The young star has consistently been on television since his debut in 2009. Taishi is known for his role in "Kaseifu no Mita."


7. Keita Machida

Member of the theatre group Gekidan Exile, Keita Machida, is a Japanese actor. The actor is known for his impactful performances and handsome looks. With undeniable beauty, Keita is a talented artist. Keita has a long list of achievements, including successful dramas, films, and various projects. The actor also participated in Torch Relay in Tokyo Olympics 2020.


8. Jun Matsumoto

Popularly known by the nickname MatsuJun, Jun Matsumoto is a Japanese singer, actor, dancer, model, and radio host. Jun Matsumoto is a prominent personality in Japan and is also a part of the popular J-Pop group, Arashi. His role in the drama "Hana Dori Dango" gained him humungous popularity. Jun proved his talent in all the fields he stepped and won millions of hearts.


9. Kenshi Okada

Kenshi Okada, 22, is popular among fans for his fresh looks and charming personality. The Japanese actor stepped into the entertainment world in 2018. Kenshi has been a part of several dramas in 2021 and received very positive and vibrant reviews from the audience. The young rising star is all set to take the world by storm with his performance.


10. Ryosuke Yamada

Last but not least, we have the man whose one smile is enough for people to go gaga over him. Ryosuke is also one of the most prominent personalities in the Japanese entertainment world. The Japanese singer and actor started his acting career at 10 in 2004 and his singing career in 2007. Some of his hit dramas are "Tantei Gakuen Q," "Assassination Classroom," and "Grasshopper." The actor has given many record-breaking performances over the years.