Article: Top 10 Incredible Quotes From While You Were Sleeping

While You Were Sleeping is a fantasy-based drama. The drama revolve around the Lives of three people who are interconnected. They dream of future events that show what the others will be doing the next. The three of them suffered misfortunes when they were teens, and now, because of those misfortunes, they are together. Lee Jong Suk played the character of Jung Jae Chan. The drama featured hallyu actors Lee Jung Suk, Jung Jae Hain, and actresses Suzy. The drama executed everything beautifully, and the original soundtrack is both lyrical and beautiful. Here are the top 10 quotes for While You Were Sleeping.

1. Do Not Be Sad Or Angry, Even If Life Brings You Difficulties. Your Heart Has A Future Home. You Are Sad Right Now. Everything Exists For Only A Moment. In The Future, What Has Passed And Is Passing Now Will Be Cherished.

Every person goes through something in life. It’s either happiness or sadness, and everyone has to bear the cost of life.

2. Time Travelling Backward Would Be Amazing, But What Can We Do? Cry Over Milk That Has Been Spilled Is Pointless. You Have A Lot Of Time. You Can Gradually Refill The Glass. Don't Cry Too Much, Then. Don’t Beat Yourself Up For Too Long. But Never Forget What Happened.

3. There was a time when I believed knowing the future was a blessing. However, that blessing killed the excitement for a gift, crushed the will to overcome a difficulty, and silenced the signal of hope. A non-alterable future. days set in advance. These are other names for hopelessness and the destruction of everything that results from giving up.

4. All Of This Will Pass. This Can Appear To Be A Large Object. Things Are Nothing When They Pass. You Will Discuss Things As If They Are Funny, Which Will Surprise You. Therefore, Remind Yourself Not To Stress Yourself Too Much

Everything passes quickly and silently. People don’t have to worry about an uncertain future.

5. Now, I Have Someone Who Wishes The Best Of Me. If I Did Well Or Not, They Would Tell Me It Was Okay. But I Want To Do Well. Now I’m Scared Of That Thought. Before That Thought Tires Me Out, Before It Gets Bigger. I Want To Run Away.

6. If You Have A Dream That Predicts The Future. Then, What Will Happen? Can That Moment, That Future, Or That Fate Be Altered? Once An Individual Gets Self-aware Of Their Future, They Try To Change It Somehow. They Try To Give It A Chance To Create A Better Future For Themselves And Others.

7. Facial Expressions Are Often Deceptive. Sometimes, Just By Looking At Someone's Face, We May Discern Their Thoughts, Sentiments, And Mood. However, Some People Are Able To Cover Their Emotions, Thoughts, And Sentiments Through Their Facial Expressions.

There are several different types of people who can showcase different situations.

8. There Are Blinding Times Where The Line Between Lies And The Truth Dissolves. Nobody's Ability To See The Truth. The Truth Is That You Were Hiding Something From Everyone. There Are Fleeting Instances When They Are Made Public. If We Ever Encounter Similar Situations, Let's Resist The Urge To Close Our Eyes. Dont Try To Say You Weren't There. Avoid It Not. Face It Squarely.

9. Dad, As You Requested, I Became A Prosecutor. I Made A Lot Of Effort Since I Didn't Want To Let You Down. I Occasionally Feel Too Worn Out And Want To Flee. That Probably Indicates I Really Did Love You. And I Did Discover Someone Who Supports Me Just Like You Did.

10. You Must Have Disliked Me A Lot More Back At The Substation, I Thought. It's All My Fault For Being Incapable. I Regret It So Much Because I Am So Incompetent. Simply Put, I Want You To Be Taller Than Me Because I Don't Want You To End Up Like Me. Even If I Take The Bus To Work, I Want You To Have A Car. Although I Have Never Flown, I Want You To Always Travel In First Class.