Article: Top 10 Korean Lyricists Who Impressed With Their Beautiful Lyrics

Many people presume that idols don't know much about music composition when they think of them. Many heroes have gone beyond performing and into the area of music production, despite the fact that composing isn't necessary part of their job description. We've compiled a list of excellent songwriters and lyricists who are also idols as a respect to their songwriting abilities. Appreciate!

1. Block B’s Zico

The Block B leader, who is known for his rap skills, has had a successful solo career for several years and has no plans to slow down. Song Mino's "Fear," Kim Sejeong's "Flower Way," and BASTARZ's "Zero For Conduct" are among the many hits he has written and produced for himself and others.


2. B1A4’s Jinyoung

Jinyoung is one of the most well-known idol musicians, writing, composing, and producing the majority of B1A4's songs. His well-known tunes include "A Lie," "Sweet Girl," and "Solo Day." He's also written b-sides for I.O.I and Oh My Girl, which is surprising.


3. SHINee’s Jonghyun

Jonghyun's inclusion on this list should come as no surprise given his long involvement with SHINee's songs. His work on songs like "Juliette," "View," and "She Is" is unquestionably impressive. He also collaborated on the songs "Playboy" by EXO and "Breathe" by Lee Hi, to mention a few.


4. SEVENTEEN’s Woozi

Woozi has been credited with writing several of SEVENTEEN's popular songs since their debut. His writing, composing, and producing have all contributed to the success of SEVENTEEN. He's even dabbled in writing songs for other artists, like I.O.I's goodbye song "Downpour."


5. EXID’s Elly

Most people are familiar with LE as the rapper from EXID, but she has a long list of tracks that she has contributed to. In addition to her own band's record, she has co-written for Trouble Maker and HyunA.


6. BTS’s Rap Monster

BTS's members are all involved in the production of their own music, as many fans know; nevertheless, Rap Monster, the group's leader, has an incredible number of writing credits in BTS's songs, and he's only getting started. Last year, Rap Monster co-wrote the song "Dilemma" with Big Hit labelmate Homme.


7. Akdong Musician’s Lee Chan Hyuk

Lee Chan Hyuk, one half of the brother-sister combo Akdong Musician, is in charge of writing all of the music on their albums. It's quite an accomplishment for someone so young to have written so many songs; perhaps, he'll keep making wonderful music for years to come!



Hui has become a popular topic of debate in recent months due to his authorship and production of the smash song "Never" from "Produce 101 Season 2." He is also the architect behind Wanna One's debut track "Energetic," in addition to writing b-sides for PENTAGON's albums.


9. DAY6’s Young K

Despite the fact that all of the members of DAY6 contribute to the creation of their respective songs, Young K has emerged as the group's official songwriter. He claims that his writing approach is influenced by both his personal life and "second-hand experiences" such as books, movies, and television series. GOT7's "Beggin' On My Knees," Park Jimin of 15&'s "Answer," and UP10TION's "Stuck On You" are among his contributions to other artists.


10. BIGBANG’s G-Dragon

GD is a given on this list as one of the most successful self-written idol soloists. His contributions to BIGBANG's songwriting and solos have garnered him a lot of appreciation in the idol community.