Khemanit Jamikorn, known as Pancake, is a Thai singer, model, and TV actress. She was born on 27th May 2008. She got a master’s in public administration in 2014 from RamKhamHaeng University. In 2004, she won the Thai Supermodel Contest, and the same year won Model of the World in China. In 2005, at just […]

Thai dramas have become pretty popular in recent times, with many viewers who enjoy exciting characters and unique storylines. Possessive male lead is a pretty common trope seen in series, where the lead is often controlling, overbearing, and jealous when it comes to his love interest. While for some viewers, this behavior can be off-put, […]

K-pop, short for Korean pop, has become increasingly popular worldwide, beautiful fans with its catchy music, impressive dance routines, and visually stunning music videos. Over the years, K-pop girl groups have captivated audiences with their captivating vocals, mesmerizing dance moves, and unique styles. These girl groups have consistently dominated the charts and amassed millions of […]

Live-action movies are excellent because they bring our most loved characters to life. Live-action movies in Japan are made out of Anime; though Anime is known for relatability, seeing our characters in real life is more exciting and fun. Though usually, live-action counterparts are not as commercially hit as Anime for specific reasons, the fans […]

What I truthfully love about actors is that they can show the audience that they are in love, but at the same time, they can also show the aspects true love has to go through, like breakups. Break-up hurts the most if the actor nailed the scene, and it hurts even more. 1. Arthit & […]

With an already sky-level standard in men, the following K-drama’s boyfriend doesn’t help at all to lower it but does the opposite for the audience. Having a perfect golden retriever boyfriend who understands you, makes you happy, and always has your back makes life perfect. 1. Jun-ho From Extraordinary Attorney Woo Come on! The list […]

Asian dramas are becoming renowned worldwide. Korean dramas have our whole hearts. However, the Thai wave has also taken over the world. Bl is the most popular Thai drama, but other series are worth watching. It’s time we explore other industries. University is the foundation of any individual’s life. People are always interested in these […]

It is no secret that K-pop idols are some of the most fashionable people in the world. They often dress in meticulously planned outfits that their stylists plan during their performances and stages. People get an insight into their style during airport visits and unofficial days. Since K-pop idols are globally famous, they are also […]

K-dramas are effective at pulling us in emotionally; they may be anything from happy, feel-good programs that inspire us to smile to heartbreaking tragedies that leave many of us sobbing. These shows just get under our skin and make us feel, for better or worse. The ability of some of the most intriguing and highly […]

The bustling celebrity world of idols has always been one that burns as much as it lightens. Companies market their artists to depict them as ‘perfect’ individuals. This leads to a heavy load of responsibility perpetually resting on the shoulders of these idols who started from being commoners like the rest of us. The industry […]