Article: Top 10 K-Dramas Golden Retriever Boyfriends

With an already sky-level standard in men, the following K-drama’s boyfriend doesn't help at all to lower it but does the opposite for the audience. Having a perfect golden retriever boyfriend who understands you, makes you happy, and always has your back makes life perfect.

1. Jun-ho From Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Come on! The list has to start with the best golden retriever boyfriend, Jun-ho of Extraordinary Attorney Woo. He has proved that love is not about the perfect or ideal person but about whom you feel the most right with. Listening to his girlfriend's whale talk that nobody before him cared about, making a solution for his girlfriend to pass through the revolving door, or just being the personal hug chair. He is just perfect.

2. Hee-tae From Youth Of May

I know it’s a tragic drama, but the love is proven to be immortal by Hee-tae. On their first date, his girlfriend demands so many modern things to shock him, but he agrees to fulfill all without any argument. Oh! What a green flag he is. Their first date was chaotic, but the audience wished the ending would be better.

3. Min-hyuk From Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Min-hyuk shows the audience that looks can deceive the character of the person. We never thought the CEO of the gaming company was a cheerful person who is in so much love with his girlfriend. His actions, smile, and way of cheering up his girlfriend. All of them make him the perfect devoted golden retriever boyfriend.

4. Hong Du-shik From Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha

Du-shik is known as the handyman of the village he lives in. He can do any work for his neighbor free of cost. He is just such a kind-hearted and relaxed person that he also can achieve the heart of a cold city girl, Hye-jin. He can’t afford to give her expensive jewelry yet, so he makes a wooden jewelry box to make her happy.

5. Tae-joon From Love All Play

This boy, Tae-joon, has rooted for his crush since she was a child. They get separated, yet he spends years finding his childhood crush. Mostly in dramas, it is the girl trying to find a boy, but here we see a different concept. His smile and back hugs scream the warmth of love.

6. Sung-hoon From A Business Proposal 

Sung-hoon, the dimple secretary of the popular drama A Business Proposal, is another perfect golden retriever boyfriend. He is an easy-going boyfriend who never admits he misses his girlfriend except when drunk. He breaks open the toilet for his girlfriend and kills a cockroach, keeping his fear of insects away.

7. Jung Joon Hyung From Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Amidst the cold-hearted boyfriends, Jung Joon Hyung was a fresh breeze of air for the audience. We get to see how he takes care of his girlfriend as a friend and then as a boyfriend. The trope of how they went from friends to lovers is beautiful and hilarious. His girlfriend loves to eat, and he fulfills her needs.

8. Choi Ung Of Our Beloved Summer 

Choi Ung makes people believe that there is a second time in love, and it gets sweeter. When he and his ex-girlfriend unite after five years for a documentary made in high school. Well, both didn’t realize it was the chance to reconcile. In every shot, his golden retriever energy shines as he adjusts his sleep schedule so that he can spend time with his girlfriend. The iconic scene of the umbrella that he uses to protect her from the sudden rain.

9. Choi Taek From Reply 1988

People are lucky if their first love is their forever love, just like Choi Taek. Choi Taek has always admired his best friend and crush since childhood. He loved her insecurities and her bubbly nature, which many people are not fond of. He is a famous Buduk player, yet he skipped one of his big matches to attend a concert with her.

10. Lee Ahn From He Is Psychometric 

Lee Ahn proves to be the best friend and boyfriend to his girlfriend. How he helps his girlfriend cope with anxiety. He takes it to a completely new level to make his girlfriend happy and content. He is a perfect golden retriever boyfriend.