Article: Top 10 Female K-Pop Idols Who Are Given The Title Of IT Girls By Fans

Every female K-pop idol is beautiful in their way. Listed are some female K-pop idols who are given the title of IT girl by fans because of their incredible personality, vocals, and visuals that are loved by K-pop lovers.

1. IU

On top of the list has to be Lee Ji-Eun, famously known as IU, the soloist who debuted in 2008. She was born on 16th May 1993. IU has been in the K-pop industry for a long time, and still today, she is known as one of the best K-pop idols for her golden and pure voice. Her visuals are no joke. Apart from singing, she has also starred in famous K-dramas.

2. Girls Generation's Taeyeon 

Kim Tae-yeon, or Taeyeon, is a part of Girls Generation or SNSD since 2007. She was born on 9th March 1989. Taeyeon has an incredible voice, and all of her songs are filled with deep and admirable meanings. She is the female K-pop idol that most other K-pop idols look up to her, and she is considered an ideal IT girl.

3. BLACKPINK’s Jennie

Jennie Kim, or Jennie, is a South Korean rapper who debuted in the BLACKPINK girl group in 2016. She was born on 16th January 1996. Since her debut with YG Entertainment, she has gotten a lot of love from fans for her outstanding rapping skills. She is also loved by fans for her chubby and round face and cat eyes. That is why she is called the IT girl by the fans.

4. TWICE’s Nayeon 

Im Na-yeon, known as Nayeon, was born on 22nd September 1995. She is the oldest member of the girl group TWICE, which debuted in 2015 under YG Entertainment. She is the center of the group with a beautiful voice and visuals. Her bunny teeth have gained a lot of fans as it makes her smile and face glow up. Apart from her vocals, her warm personality is also something to appreciate.

5. (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon 

Jeon So-yeon, also known as Soyeon, is the leader of the girl group (G)I-DLE, a fourth-generation K-pop group that debuted in 2018. Since her debut, Soyeon has been known as an incredible songwriter because she writes most of her group songs, and each has uniqueness among them. She is an all-rounder K-pop idol who can sing, dance, rap, and write. She was born on 26th August 1998.

6. TWICE’s Jihyo 

Park Ji-hyo, also known as Jihyo, is the leader of TWICE, a third-generation K-pop group that debuted in 2015 under YG Entertainment. She was born on 1st February 1997. You will never see Jihyo slacking or missing a tune in singing. She is so good, and people can see she is so happy to perform. She has beautiful vocals and a personality that is adored by her fans. ‘Once.’

7. Girls Generation’s YoonA

Im Yoon-ah, or YoonA, is a K-pop idol and actress from South Korea. She was born on 30th May 1990. She debuted with Girls Generation in 2007, and since then, she has been known as a flawless idol with outstanding vocals and visuals. Many K-pop fans have considered YoonA as an IT girl who never ages.

8. Bae Suzy 

Bae Su-ji, or Suzy, is a K-pop idol and actress from South Korea and was born on 10th October 1994. She debuted as a K-pop idol with the girl group Miss A in 2010. In South Korea, she is known as the ‘CF Queen’ because of her appearance with so many brands. She is the IT girl of the second generation because of her sweet voice and visuals.

9. Red Velvet’s Seulgi 

Kang Seulgi, also known as Seulgi, is a part of the girl group Red Velvet since her debut in 2014. Kang Seulgi was born on 10th February 1997. She is very talented at rapping and dancing, and it shows on the stage when she is performing that the audience loves about her. Her sharp visuals make it even better for her fans, 'ReVeluv.'

10. ITZY’s Yeji 

Hwang Ye-ji, also known as Yeji, is the leader of the girl group ITZY, which debuted in 2019 under YG Entertainment. She was born on 26th May 2000. Since her debut, she has left a remarkable impression of her mind-blowing dancing skills and stage presence. Her cat eyes make her facial expression stand out.