Article: Ten K-Dramas About Childhood Trauma

One of the main aspects of K-dramas is the childhood of the leads. This more or less determines their adult personalities. But an unfortunate incident in childhood may trouble the person all their life. Here are some shows that focus on such traumas.

1. Just Between Lovers

The story begins as a mall collapses and many lives are lost. Years later, the leads meet, not realising that both of them are victims of this incident. With horrifying memories of being trapped under the building as children, they try to heal each other with love.

2. It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

In this show, the female lead develops an anti-social personality because of her mother, who is possessive about her child. As a successful author with a rude personality, she meets the male lead who is scared to depend on people. Along with them is the male lead’s brother who has autism and is traumatised by butterflies.

3. Kill Me Heal Me

This drama perfectly depicts how not receiving help at the right time can ruin a person’s life. As a child, the male lead was abused and has also witnessed abuse. The fear makes him repress his memories. This later develops into multiple personality disorder.

4. I Am Not A Robot

The male lead of this show was being cheated by a close family friend when he lost his parents. After this incident, he is allergic to humans. As an adult, it is difficult for him to run his company as he develops rashes when humans touch him.

5. Her Private Life

In this show, the male lead is a famous painter who is not able to paint after seeing a particular painting. It is later revealed that the painting reminded him of his mother, who lost him when he was young. This fear of being abandoned remains with him as an adult.

6. Clean With Passion For Now

The drama is about the CEO of a cleaning company whose worst fear is germs. Growing up with his grandfather, he always believed that his mother would spend time with him if he is clean. This later develops into a phobia that makes his life difficult.

7. Healer

The female lead of this show is abused before being adopted, and this has made her develop a fear of fights and lose some of her memories. When she starts her profession as a journalist, she gets to know more about her childhood and she slowly overcomes her fears.

8. Come And Hug Me

In this show, the female lead suffers from PTSD after her parents were killed. The fact that the murderer is her first love’s father adds to this. The male lead also suffers from guilt because of his father and constantly feels responsible for all his mistakes.

9. It’s Okay, That’s Love

The female lead has a fear of sex and commitment as she witnessed her mother cheating on her father at a young age. The male lead suffered abuse as a child and also lies about his father’s death when asked to testify. This later affects him and he has OCD.

10. Flower Of Evil

The male lead of this show accepts that he is emotionless and pretends to be a loving person in front of his family. It is later shown that his emotions towards others were not recognised as a child and he was not accepted by the people of his village.