Article: Top 10 Chinese Shows Based On Real-Life Events

Some shows feel more exciting when we know that they are based on a true story. They are not fictitious or made up, but something that happened and impacted our societies and minds. From ancient to modern times, we have lived through history and witnessed many events that changed how we live and perceive things. Some events have impacted us so profoundly that they inspire and motivate people to live morally, shedding light on the history of man for education, entertainment, and moral purposes. For these reasons, here are some Chinese shows based on real-life events.

1. The Qin Empire

The drama is set in the mid-fourth century BC. It was during the Warring States period of China when the Qin state in Western China was experiencing political changes and was weakened by internal conflicts and poverty. Its vulnerability was threatened by six other states of the East. The drama follows Duke Xiao, a young new ruler of Qin who is determined to bring the Qin State back to its former glory and retrieve its territories lost during humiliating battles. His efforts were fruitful, and the Qin state became powerful and laid the foundation for Qin’s eventual unification of China under the Qin dynasty nearly 200 years later in 221 BC.

2. Three Kingdoms

The drama is based on the events happening in the later half of Eastern Han Dynasty and the Three Kingdoms era in China. It is about war, rebellion, and betrayal. Historically, the Three Kingdoms period is considered the bloodiest in Chinese history. The drama shows the decline of the Han dynasty and the formation of the Three Kingdoms, followed by many great epic wars and battles. However, as the drama progresses, loyalties and alliances change, which brings the Three Kingdoms to their end, followed by the rise of Jin Dynasty.

3. Secret History Of Empress Wu

The drama follows Wu Ze Tian, the only woman in Chinese history to assume the title of Empress Regnant and her life in palace. Wu Ze Tian is the empress of the Dazhou Dynasty who lived boldly and dared to take accountability for her actions. She broke the norm of women being inferior to men by creating her dynasty and becoming the first and only female emperor of China.

4. Crime Crackdown

The drama follows Li Cheng Yang, a frontline police officer investigating gang crimes in Zhongjiang City. He faces corruption and is thrown into jail for investigating two evil groups that had been in the city for ten years. After regaining freedom from the Chinese political and legislative affairs committee, he is determined to bring these gangs down and joins forces with the public prosecution and justice department. Together with Lin Hao and He Yong, they crack down on their crimes. The series is based on several real-life cases that shook China in the 2010s.

5. Ebola Fighters

It revolves around Zheng Shu Peng, a virologist who, with his medical team, fights down the deadly Ebola outbreak in Africa that took thousands of lives. The drama shows them working diligently and professionally, using their humanitarian spirits to successfully contain the spread of the virus, saving a large number of lives. It is based on a real-life event that took place in Africa between 2014 to 2016. It also showcases the crucial role of healthcare workers and scientists that help fight the deadly virus.

6. With You

It is a 2020 Chinese TV series that talks about the Covid-19 pandemic. It tells the stories of the Chinese military and civilians affected by the virus and their fight against it. The drama shows the contribution of the medical teams, military doctors, and ordinary civilians in how they fought against the pandemic. This show is based on real-life stories and real people to acknowledge the efforts of inspiring heroes who gave their everything for the cause. It also shows the spirit of people to get through this tough time together.

7. Hunting

It is a 2020 crime thriller Chinese drama that revolves around Xia Yuan, a rising star in the police force, set to investigate the waves of economic crimes in Beijing. He faces a strong nemesis, Wang Bolin, a business tycoon connected to the criminals responsible for all the invisible crimes in the city. While digging deeper into his profile, they uncover a large web of powerful companies and crimes that are being committed on an international scale. The drama shows his efforts to bring Wang Bolin to justice and give the Chinese citizens security. It is connected to the decade-long Sky Net Investigation and is based on some of the actual cases.

8. China Cry

It is a 1990 biographical film based on the true story of Sung Neng Yee. It was set in post-war China, during the rise of the communist state in China. Neng Yee’s majority of childhood was under the Japanese invaded Shanghai during World War II. After experiencing many struggles and hardships, she was arrested and believed she was saved by Jesus Christ when she survived a firing squad. The story talks about her fleeing Mainland China to Hong Kong for her Christian faith. There, she actively works for the fundamental human rights of those trapped inside China.

9. The Knockout

It follows An Xin, a frontline police officer in Jingai City who struggles with evil forces to bring criminals to justice. After a steering group of individuals is sent to Jingai combined with public prosecution, Law, and justice departments to eliminate corruption and injustice, it destroys the protective measures of the criminals. This group of policemen helps with eradicating injustice and pushing evil to a corner. This brings the 21-year feud between An Xin and a strong evil group that had been committing crimes in Jingai for many years to an end.

10. All Is Well

It is a Chinese TV series aired in 2019 and follows the Su family. After the death of the matriarch of the Su family, the weak and selfish Su Da Qiang starts meddling in his children's lives and asking for the most unreasonable expectations to be met. The Su children, who had been living their own lives all this while, get caught up in the mess. The drama shows the family helping each other through crises and ultimately realizing that communication between the family is essential, bringing the family once again together and filled with love. The story is based on real-life issues faced by Chinese families.