Article: Top 10 Chinese Dramas Based On Falling In Love With A Celebrity

We have all once had celebrity crushes in our lives, and we wondered if we could ever meet them in real life, let alone think of falling in love with them. But the fantasy of being noticed amongst many is always there. What happens when we cross our lives with them? How does it feel to be loved by someone loved by many? What happens after that? Here are some celebrity romance dramas that will answer all these questions and mesmerize you.

1. Brightest Star In The Sky

It is about an Idol singer, Zheng Boxu, who is falling in the music industry because of his image as being rude and arrogant, and only surviving because of his wealthy background. Yang Zhenzhen is a passionate person about music, and she is introduced to Boxu as his assistant. After discovering that Boxu is not anything like people portray him to be, she is determined to fix his image and help him improve his career. Initially, the two do not like each other, but along the way, they both start developing feelings for one another. With the help of his now manager, Yang Zhenzhen, Zheng Boxu is able to fix his career. It has a slow-burn romance, with many cute romantic scenes, keeping the viewers on the edge of their seats.

2. Love Scenery

This drama revolves around Liang Chen, who is a singer, and Lu Jing, a gaming streamer/ university student who studies computer and big data research. The two meet each other on a gaming platform because Liang Chen gets a proposal to be an ambassador for a gaming company. She doesn’t how to play but isn’t going to give up and proceeds to learn. She partners up with Lu Jing, who is excellent in the game. They continue to play games without knowing each other's identity until they start crossing paths in the real world. After many ups and downs in their lives and many cute moments, they finally get together. This show is an emotional rollercoaster; you could be laughing at a funny moment and bawling your eyes at another.

3. Intense Love

This show is about two individuals, Su Jin Bei, who is an actress, and Zhou Shi Yun, who is a genius doctor. Both oppose the idea of arranged marriage that their parents have pushed them into. They reject each other before even meeting officially. However, destiny has other plans, and Su Jin Bei gets into a car accident and is admitted to Dr. Zhou’s hospital, where she meets him for the first time and falls in love with him. Unlike traditional dramas, where the man chases after the woman, here, Su Jin Bei chases after Zhou Shi Yun and tries to seduce him. Jin Bei is adamant and Shi Yun is aloof. Their love is not too fast or too slow but just right with Jin Bei's efforts to make him fall in love with him. It is a mixture of romance, comedy, and drama.

4. The Day Of Becoming You

It is about a famous star of a boy band, Jiang Yi, and an entertainment industry reporter, Yu Sheng Sheng. This drama features a body-swap trope. Coincidentally, Jiang Yi and Yu Sheng Sheng’s birthdays fall on the same day, and they get in an accident, waking up in the hospital as each other. Baffled, they both panic and find themselves in unfamiliar situations. With no one to turn to, they lean on each other for support and understanding and eventually find themselves falling in love. This drama is extremely hilarious and fun to watch.

5. Midsummer Full Of Love

This drama revolves around Luo Tian Ran, who is a rookie musician and dreams of becoming a songwriter. In a series of unfortunate events from her friends, she is forced to leave her house. She meets Jin Ze Yi, who is a popstar, and the two are obliged to live with each other temporarily. Tian Ran is a strong-minded and independent woman, whereas Ze Yi is cold and distant. While living together and helping each other out with their problems, the two gradually fall in love. Overall, it is a cute show. It has comedy and fluffy love.

6. Please Love Me

Yi Han is a popular actor and Pei YouYou is a manicurist. In an unexpected accident, they meet, and Yi Han gets hospitalized. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the two must become a pretend couple in front of the media to save his career. Eventually, after learning more about each other, they develop real feelings. This drama shows blooming love and character growth in Yi Han, learning how to deal with media, love, and life.

7. Ugly Beauty

The drama introduces a pair of twins, Xiao Mu, who is a delivery worker for a food firm, and her identical sister, Yao Meng Gui, who is a top entertainment star. Because of some situations, Meng Gui is forced to lay low for a while and asks her sister to take her place and pretend to be her for a little time. This change does not go unnoticed by Ji Chen Mo, who is an entertainment reporter and is determined to make a big scoop. However, after learning more about Xiao Mu, he protects her and makes it easier for her to adjust to the life of a star. This drama has suspense, drama, comedy, and innocent love.

8. You Are My Glory

This show follows an aerospace engineer, YuTu, and a big entertainment actress, Qiao Jing Jing. Both know each other from high school, and Jing Jing used to have a crush on YuTu. As part of her celebrity image, Jing Jing is an ambassador for a game, but a clip goes viral showing how bad she is at playing that game, so she decides to learn and gets reconnected with YuTu, who is a gaming expert. Both come to agree about YuTu being her coach, and from there, their journey begins.

9. If I Can Love You So

The drama follows a world-renowned pianist, Geng Mochi, and Bai Kao’er, a popular radio host. Both of them unexpectedly meet each other at their spouses’ funerals. It was discovered that Bai Kao’er’s husband was found in a car accident with a woman named Ye Sha, who happened to be Geng Mochi’s wife. Both were devastated and blamed each other for their partner’s demise. But gradually, with time, they came to terms with each other and started developing new love and trust. It has melodrama, and romance. It is an emotional ride overall.

10. Summer’s Desire

It revolves around three individuals; Xiao Mo, Luo Shi, and Ou Chen. It is a love triangle trope. Xiao Mo and Luo Shi are orphans adopted by the same parents, and Xiao Mo wants to become a singer. On her journey to become a singer, she meets Ou Chen, a weathly co-founder of a successful game company. After becoming a successful singer, Xioa Mo finds Ou Chen’s behavior overbearing and leaves him. Years later, when Luo Shi returns from abroad, their love starts budding; however, when things are going well Ou Chen comes back and overturns everything. It has romance, drama, and comedy.