Article: Top 10 Successful Choreographers Of China

Dance gives a person the chance to express themselves. In dance, choreography refers to the act of creating dance. Choreographers' works reveal their enthusiasm and devotion to the styles of dance they specialize. Many choreographers are skilled at their art, perform in unique styles, and have been in this field for a very long time. The choreographers listed here are some of the best in their fields. Below are the top 10 choreographers of China. They are examples of choreographers who have left a mark on society.

1. Yabin Wang

Yabin Wang is one of China's most notable contemporary dancers and choreographers. She has accumulated numerous gold awards in Chinese national and regional dance competitions and received training in the Chinese classical style at Beijing Dance Academy. The international career of Wang began at the 2010 American Dance Festival, where she performed on the same program as Aparna Ramaswamy, Michelle Dorrance, Camille A. Brown, and Rhapsody James in 2018. Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui has also collaborated with her on Genesis. And In 2014, English National Ballet commissioned her to prepare a new piece for, She Said, which won an Olivier Award. In London, M-Dao works premiered at Sadler Wells in April 2016. Combined with Akram Khan's New Giselle, this production won the English National Ballet Laurence Olivier Award in 2017 for Outstanding Achievement in Dance.

Yabin Wang


2. Yang Liping

As one of the renowned dancers in China, both domestically and internationally, Yang Liping is from the Bai ethnic group. In 1986, even without formal training, she was able to gain nationwide fame with her graceful and dreamlike performance for Spirit of the Peacock. With her compelling acts, including Two Trees, The Soul of the Peacock, and Moonlight, she earned the title of Spirit of Dance. Through her performances of the traditional Dai dance known as peacock dance in China, she achieved her title of peacock princess. She has performed and travelled in more than 30 countries and regions, including the United States, the Philippines, Taiwan, Canada, Australia, Japan, Singapore, and Russia. A sellout shows all over China, Dynamic Yunnan, directed and choreographed by Liping, brings in five big awards, including Gold Award for Best Choreography, Best Female Performer, and Best Director at the 2004 National Lotus Awards.


3. ‎Jin Xing

Founder and artistic director of Shanghai Contemporary Dance Company, Jin Xing is a Chinese ballerina, modern dancer, choreographer, and actress. An established transgender personality, she is widely known. In Rome, Xing taught dance and travelled throughout Europe from 1991 to 1993. Following a world tour, she returned to China at 26 years old. According to the Encyclopedia of Contemporary Chinese Culture, Jin's dancing works are astonishingly innovative and provocative. Cross Border–Crossing the Line (Cong Dong Dao xi, a collaborative work with British pianist Joanna MacGregor) and The Imperial Concubine Has Been Drunk for Ages.

Jin Xing


4. Dai Ailian

In the history of dance in China, Dai Ailian was an influential figure. During Dai's time as a dance teacher and educator in China, she greatly influenced a generation of dancers, choreographers, and educators. As well as articulating three core commitments that shaped dance in China during the second half of the twentieth century, she was known as the Mother of Chinese Modern Dance for her contributions. She drew inspiration from folk practices in works such as The Old Piggybacking the Young and The Drum of the Yao People. Furthermore, she choreographed, performed, and taught dance pieces throughout China. Her study of Chinese traditional dances inspired her to create works of a national character, including Lotus Flower Dance, Flying Apsaras, Tibetan Spring, and For Sale. In 1955, 20th Century Choreographic Award was given to her in Beijing for her contributions to Chinese choreography.


5. Xiao Suhua

Xiao Suhua is a distinguished choreographer, theorist, educator, and senior professor at the Beijing Dance Academy. He has been selected 43 times as a ballet and modern dance competition judge for the Chinese side and 20 times as a national dance competition judge. His central creations include the great dance poem Chinese Poem, The Capriccios of the Broken Bridge, Rainbow's Still, Chinese classic dance Sky Horse's Neighing, etc. He is also China's only choreographer who can choreograph a grand ballet, Chinese classical dance, and modern ballet performances. He has got many awards and gold medals. The Chinese dance industry has highly benefited from his choreography knowledge, and he also created a massive influence on the growth of Chinese dance productions. Among his contributions to ballet and choreography education, he received an honour from national educational achievements 1st.


6. Lin Hwai-Min

Dancer, choreographer, and instructor Lin Hwai-min established Cloud Gate Dance Company in 1973. The dance and martial arts performances of Cloud Gate integrate traditional Chinese dance with modern dance techniques. His works often draw upon conventional Asian culture and aesthetics are infused with contemporary sensibilities. Lin has been called 'the most important choreographer' in Asia. He is best known for his dance Legacy, which interprets the history of migration from China to Taiwan more than 300 years ago. He had recognized for numerous achievements, including being named one of the Ten Outstanding Young People in the World by Jaycees in 1983. He also received the Ramon Magsaysay Award in 1999, which is Asia's equivalent of the Nobel Prize and many more.


7. Tao Ye

Tao Ye is an artistic director and choreographer. Dance groups he has performed with include the Shanghai Army Song & Dance Ensemble, Shanghai Jin Xing Dance Theatre, and Beijing Modern Dance Company. He established TAO Dance Theater in march 2008. His most famous works include Weight x 3, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7. Men's UNO, one of the leading Asian style magazines, gave Tao Ye the 2012 Elegance Award, which honours China's entertainment and culture leaders. As a member of Sadler's Wells' New Wave Associates program, Tao Ye was one of only six choreographers worldwide. He received the 2013 Innovator Award for Dance from The Beijing News 2013.


8. Willy Tsao

As a curator, choreographer, manager, educator, and director, Willy TSAO has been a key figure in China's contemporary dance development. Willy is known as the father of contemporary Chinese dance. In China, he runs three significant companies of modern dance. TSAO was the Managing Director of Guangdong Modern Dance Company. And also, he was the Founder and Artistic Director of City Contemporary Dance Company (Hong Kong) and Beijing Dance / LDTX. The works he has created include Wanderings in the Realm of Lightness (mus. Wong Sun-keung, 1989), 365 Ways of Doing and Undoing Orientalism (mus. Peter Stuart, 2002), The Conqueror (mus. Chan Hing-yan, 2005), and Warrior Landing (mus. Chan, 2007). Throughout his long career, Mr Tsao has made unrelenting contributions to dance.


9. Gu Jiani

Chinese choreographer Gu Jiani is an influential figure. A rising star in contemporary dance, her performances are known for their athleticism and aggression. Her original works are displayed guerrilla-style in different spaces throughout Beijing. Her best-known work, Exit, Right & Left & Exit, has often been performed throughout Beijing. Additionally, she was awarded a grant in 2020 by the Asian Cultural Council (ACC) in New York and has previously won numerous awards from the Beijing International Ballet and Choreography Competition. Gu's work focuses on phenomena and psychology, material epistemology, space and objects, regenerative energy, and multi-dimensional thinking.


10. Wang Yuanyuan

One of China's top choreographers of modern dance is Wang Yuanyuan. Her dance works for the world stage combine Chinese practice, innovation, authenticity, and thoughtfulness while at the same time remaining true to Chinese traditions. In 1998, she became the resident choreographer of the National Ballet of China, and she produced Butterfly Lovers, Attraction, Fate, etc., and a Chinese performance of The Nutcracker. Awarded for her outstanding choreographic achievements, she had invited by New York City Ballet Choreography Institute and Royal Danish Ballet to serve as a guest choreographer. Besides her early award in Paris International Dance Contest, she has received Best Choreographer awards in the Bulgarian Varna International Ballet Competition (IBC), US Jackson International Ballet Competition, etc. It made her the only Chinese choreographer to receive many Best Choreographer awards internationally.

Wang Yuanyuan