Article: Top 10 Supporting Actors In Chinese

When people watch a movie/drama, it is not rare for them to become an admirer of the leads, their eye-catching beauty, acting skills that make it hard to distinguish reality from fiction, and so many other aspects that you cannot help but love get you hooked on them. Still, if being practical, the lead role would be incomplete or maybe even irrelevant if it was not for the actors in the supporting role adding an irreplaceable essence to their stories and in honour of that here are. Below are the top 10 supporting actors in Chinese:

1. Julius Liu

Born on August 31, 1986, in Liaoning, China, Liu Wei is a famous Actor, singer, anchor from the Chinese industry. He is known for his contribution to Song and dance youth, One night surprise, Amazing big coffee show, and the military-themed series Born by perfection. He also came out with his debut album, SomeOne, in April 2014.

Julius Liu


2. Niu Jun Feng

Known for his multiple remarkable roles in the drama industry, both as a leader and as a supporting role, Niu Jun Feng has successfully embroidered his name into the hearts of Chinese drama/movie fans. He was born in Beijing on December 1, 1992. Jun Feng made his acting debut at an early age of 10 when he was spotted with his uncle on the streets by a scout with the movie Home has a car. He is famously known for his role in Love 020, the brightest star in the sky, go into your heart, etc.


3. Zhang He Hao Zhen

Known for his role in the acclaimed C-drama, A Love So Beautiful, Hao Zhen is a 25-year-old Chinese actor from the Central Academy of Drama who made his film debut with Turtle Home Diary in 2016. His other works include In the darkness, make a wish, you are my answer, etc.


4. Wang Zhifei

Known for his memorable contribution to, Skiptrace, the Qin Empire, and the grand mansion, Wang Zhifei is a 56-year-old award-winning Chinese Actor. His roles show his versatility and how he can surpass the standards he sets for himself. Reserved, cautious, introverted characters are considered his forty.


5. Law Kar – Ying

Law Kar-Ying is probably one of the most respected Chinese Actors in the industry, but you might not know that he started his career as a Cantonese Opera Singer in the 70s and was later on a cast to play Tat Man Si in the hit starring Stephen Chow, From Beijing with Love. His 1995 movie Summer Snow was a Hong Kong comedy-drama directed by Ann Hui that won Law Kar Best Supporting Actor at the Hong Kong Film Awards.


6. Fala Chen

With a degree in MFA from the renowned School of Drama, Juilliard, Fala Chen was already on her path to stardom when she received the award for the Best Supporting Actress at the TVB anniversary awards for Fala Chen’s role in No Regrets. Her theatre debut was in 2016, where she starred as Kyra in Skylight, a Chinese adaptation of the 95' British Play by David Hare.


7. Tony Leung Chiu Wai

If you do not know this Legendary Actor, I would be surprised. Tony Leung Chiu Wai is probably one of the most brilliant men to exist. His list of awards is endless. He recently played the supporting character of Xu Wenwu in the action-packed Simu Liu starring Shang - Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, where he played the role of a father to Simu's Shang.


8. Yuen Wah

You might have noticed him in Marvel Studio's hit all-Asian cast Shang Chi where he plays Master Guang Bo. Although he plays the role of a supporting character in many movies, his incredible acting skills and fabulous stunts have always left the audience leaving the theatres in awe of him. In 2005, he won the best supporting actor for Kung Fu Hustle at the Hong Kong Film Awards.


9. Ming Na Wen

Her ability as an actress is no surprise since she is one of the most amazing human beings on the planet. Na Wen has played many supporting roles over the years. But one of her best would be in the hit starring Pedro Pascal Star Wars, The Mandalorian. She also played Agent Melinda May in Agents of Shield.


10. Fan Ming

Fan Ming is an indelible award-winning Chinese actor known for his roles in silk road treasure, gifted dreamer, brilliant girls, etc. His effortless acting and charisma continue to woo the viewers every time the actor comes on screen, and we can go on and on about it!