Article: Top 10 Fairy Tale Japanese Dramas

Japanese fairy tale plays are an enthralling genre that immerses spectators in a magical and fantastical realm. These works are influenced by the rich folklore and mythology of Japan, producing complex tales with mythical creatures, bold adventures, and moral lessons that never age. These plays offer a visual feast that transports viewers to a fantastic world with their gorgeous photography and extravagant costumes. Traditional Japanese aesthetics are combined with fanciful stories to produce a unique viewing experience that is enjoyable for the young and the elderly.

1. First Love

Yae and Harumichi met and fell in love in the late 1990s. Yae left for college in Tokyo after finishing high school, while Harumichi enlisted in the Self-Defense forces to study aviation. As a result, they split up. Yae had a fatal accident one day, and their lives didn't cross again for 20 years. Yae now employed as a cab driver in the same city as Harumichi, who, after serving in the Self-Defense forces, joined a security firm. They rekindle their first love some 20 years after it fizzled, and fate pulls them together again.

2. Rich Man, Poor Woman

It follows the life of Hyuga, a 29-year-old Toru who is a prosperous man. His passion turned into a lucrative business when he started operating an internet website out of a tiny room. He no longer enjoys socializing, and if someone approaches him, he assumes they may be for his money. Attending a job fair, Sawaki Chihiro unexpectedly starts working for Toru. Toru isn't as horrible as Chihiro first thinks. Soon, they begin to feel for each other and overcome the difficulties together. The play offers insights into the intersections of riches, ambition, and the unstoppable journey of human growth in the persistent quest for achievement as he travels the world of technology and innovation.

3. From Five To Nine

"From Five to Nine" follows Junko Sakuraba, a Buddhist monk caught between tradition and modernity. The drama explores her relationships with family, friends, and a love interest, unveiling the intricate balance between personal desires and familial expectations.

4. Good Morning Call

"Good Morning Call" follows Nao Yoshikawa and Hisashi Uehara, who unexpectedly live together due to a housing mix-up. Through their evolving relationship, the drama explores the dynamics of cohabitation, the trials of teenage life, and the pivotal roles that family and friends play in navigating these new experiences.

5. Hana Yori Dongo

A timeless classic, "Hana Yori Dango" revolves around Makino Tsukushi, a determined young woman clashing with the wealthy F4 at her prestigious school. Amidst the romantic intrigue, the drama highlights Makino's family, a source of unwavering support throughout her challenges, highlighting the significance of familial relationships.

6. Last Cinderella

Sakura is a 39-year-old single woman. She is the vice manager of a beauty salon. Sakura beautifies her clients, but she has little interest in decorating herself. While she fears falling in love, she envies those who succeed in finding true love. Sakura meets Hiroto, who is significantly younger than Sakura, during a party one day. Hiroto is drawn to Sakura and rides a bike. Sakura works at a beauty parlor where Rintaro is the manager. Rintaro enjoys using his scissors, drinking beer, and making snide remarks.

7. Sky Of Love

It follows the story of Mika, a first-year high school student. Mika turns and runs away after accidentally running into a flashy-dressed boy named Hiro at school. They quickly develop a love connection. Although they are having a good time, disaster is on the way. It skillfully maneuvers through the complex intersections of love, forgiveness, and the profound transformation of second chances.

8. Rainy Days

Rio, a 17-year-old high school student, often draws attention because of her beauty. But because of her horrific history, Rio has never cared for anyone but herself. She only has boyfriends and pals, so she may take advantage of them. Rio cares about making money. She then runs across Kouki, a 35-year-old college professor, and experiences her first love. Rio tells Kouki she loves him openly despite feeling weird by her sudden mood change. Even though Kouki develops feelings for Rio, there is a reason why he can't go further in their relationship.

9. Horimiya

Hori Kiyoko is a well-liked student renowned for her friendliness and intelligence. She doesn't have time to socialize or even dress up at home because she needs to take care of her younger brother and do the laundry. She frequently wears plain clothing at home. Izumi Miyamura poses as a quiet, bespectacled geek while attending school, but while not there, he is a heavily tattooed and pierced man. In addition, despite his seeming diligence, he performs poorly in school. The two randomly cross paths outside of school and are astonished by each other's appearance.

10. Sumika Sumire

Kisaragi Sumire, a 20-year-old college student in Sumika Sumire, is played by Kiritani Mirei. However, Kisaragi is a 65-year-old lady attempting to get a second chance at life. Many of us wish we could go back in time and experience our youth once again so we could accomplish goals we never achieved or correct errors we made. This drama allows us to experience that through Sumire, a quiet woman with no personal agency. She spent her entire life caring for her grandma and her parents since she had to oblige her family's every need. She never had a partner.