Article: Top 10 Thai Celebs And Their Love For Pets

Most celebrities share their love for animals and enthusiasm for keeping pets like us. These famous people always make it a point to show their furry family members the love and care they need, despite their hectic schedules. These Thai celebrities adore their animals dearly. With them, they routinely shoot images that they post on social media. We like receiving updates from famous Thai celebs, as well as from their pets. Some celebrities have even gone so far as to give their pets their Instagram profiles because they are so devoted to their canine friends. Below are the top 10 Thai celebs and their love for pets.

1. Yaya Urassaya

Thai model and actress Urassaya Sperbund is more well known as Yaya. Yaya is a dog owner. Maltese hybrid breed, often known as Hapa Pakololo or simply Hapa, is a term for a half-breed. Due to an incomplete testicular, the Hapa is infertile and unable to produce a puppy. However, he is adorable.


2. James Ma

An actor and model from Thailand, James Assarasakorn is professionally known as James Ma. At his residence, James Ma has five adorable kitties. In addition to a tabby cat Ngam Ngam and Ngiew Ngiew, he also owns an orange cat called Shon Shon and Jamie. The age of Mocha in Hong Kong is twelve. There is no doubt that James is most devoted to this cat. He represents the cat food brand as well.


3. Nadech Kugimiya

Model and actor Nadech Kugimiya is of Thai and Austrian ancestry. Although he has a variety of pets, his favorite female canine is the handicapped Yen Yen. Nadech adores her. The seven pups the current Yen Yen possesses are Puang-Yen, Chok-Yen, Wan-Yen, Yod-Yen, Num-Yen, Cha-Yen, and Nom-Yen. It's adorable how They are family Yen-Yen.


4. Praew Kanitkul Netboot 

Since birth, Praew Kanitkul possessed a stunning voice. She wrote several songs. She is also the most lovable animal ever. You'll regularly glimpse photos of her giving hugs and kisses to kitties and canines on her Instagram account. Shadow is the name of the black cat she was rearing.


5. Mew Nittha

Thai actress and model Nittha Khuhapremkit, previously known as Nittha Jirayungyurn, also goes by the moniker Mew. Mew Nittha is the delighted owner of Thames, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Even though the Thames is not as active as other canines, his sweetness and drowsiness have won the hearts of her supporters.


6. Kan Kantathavorn

Fluke is the stage name of Thai actor, presenter, and model Kan Kantathavorn. In addition to being regarded as one of Thailand's top MCs, Kan Kantathavorn is the father of a lovable pack of seven Shiba Inu puppies. Unni is the name of the cat that he and his wife own together. There is also a dedicated YouTube channel where followers can watch their pet's hilarious videos. Apiece Shiba Inu gang member has adorable name, including Doraemon, Shizuoka, Doreme, Nobita, Mafia, Yakuza, and Mooping, a pomeranian with a cute name.


7. Chippy Sirin

Born in Bangkok, Thailand, Sirin Preediyanon, known by the stage name Chippy, is an actress. Chippy has a lovely pet and is enthusiastic about cats. There are 8 of them. Winter, Spring, Stormy, Summer, Rainie, Sunny, Autumn, and Cloudy are members of the family of Scottish Fold cats known as Seasontwins. They also give fans an update on Instagram so they can keep up with these cats.


8. Yong Armchair

The lead vocalist and guitarist for the band Armchair, Anusorn Maneeted, also goes by the stage name Turk but is more often known as Yong. Yong Armchair is the owner of an adopted cat named Somyood, and his fans are always excited to see his photos with Somyood. He has an Instagram account specifically for Somyood, where he likes to express his appreciation for him. Yes, a well-known pet. He even has a specific Instagram account for Somyood, where he posts about how much he loves him.


9. Krist Qiao 

Teng Nueng, formerly known as Tengnueng - Kanit Piyapapakornkul, was a member of the boy group BOY and has been in several dramas. Tengneung Kannst's stunning white cat, Fei, is quickly snatching up all the limelight. Even though this singer-turned-chef is frequently busy in the kitchen, his culinary images with Fei have all the admirers in awe due to their extreme sweetness.


10. Alek Teeradetch

Thai actor Teeradetch Metawarayut goes by the stage name Alek. Alek keeps a dog as a pet. Adopt is the name Alek Teeradetch gave to a stray dog that he adopted. Despite his aversion to fur, many people have seen the affinity between them. His accomplice in crime is the canine with two different eye colors.