Article: Top Ten K-Dramas About Monarchy

In this list, we are talking about some of the best K-drama series to watch if you enjoy watching historical drama and historical fiction. This series will keep you on the edge of your seat and make you come back for more.

1. Mr. Queen

In this series, we follow Jang Bong-Hwan, who works as a well-known and respected chef at the President’s Blue House. However, due to an incident, Bong-Hwan's soul gets transferred into the body of a queen in the Josen period. This queen is named Queen Kim So-Young who is married to King Cheoljong. We see how Jang Bong tried to adjust to his new life as queen. We also see the comedic ways in which he tries to re-enter in old body. Along the way, we also see the blossoming relationship between the King and the new Kim So-Young.

2. The King’s Affection

In this series, we follow Lee Hwi. As a child, she was born alongside her twin brother. However, twins were a bad sign and as a child, Lee Hwi was sent out of the palace. Her brother was raised to be the crown prince. He however had unexpectedly died. This led Lee Hwi to take the place of her brother and to be raised as the new heir. When Prince Lee Hwi becomes the crown prince, she is anxious that her real identity will be revealed.

3. The King: Eternal Monarch

In the Republic of Korea, we follow the spirited and skilled Jeong Tae-Eul, a detective in the Violent Crimes Division. We also follow King Lee Gon who is the monarch of the Kingdom of Corea. The kingdom is in a parallel dimension from the Republic of Korea. Somehow Lee Gon enters the Republic of Korea and unexpectedly runs into Detective Jeong Tae-Eul.

4. Rookie Historian Goo Hae-Ryung 

In this series, we follow a spunky and intelligent Goo Hae-Ryung. She is a female historian in the early ninth century. She is looked down upon due to her work and because she is a woman. Goo Hae-Ryung however enjoys her work. She develops a relationship with Prince Lee Rim.

5. The Red Sleeve

In this series, we follow King Jeongjo and his romance with his royal concubine Uibin Sung. This series is set in the eighteenth century. Sung Deok-Im dislikes the idea of becoming a royal concubine as she desires to live a free and happy life. Despite this, she falls in love with Crown Prince Yi San who eventually becomes King Jeongjo. The King desires to have Sung as his concubine.

6. King Maker: The Change Of Destiny

In this series, we follow Choi Chun-Joong, who is a well-known face reader in the Josen era. He becomes a powerful man in society and tries to change the fate of the Joseon era for the better. He eventually falls in love with a princess named Lee Bong-Ryeon, the daughter of King Cheoljong. She has the unique ability to see the fate of other people.

7. The Last Empress

In this series, South Korea is ruled over by a constitutional monarchy. We follow Ssu-Ni, a bright young woman who aspires to become an actress. Her life changed completely when she married the emperor of South Korea - Emperor Lee Hyuk. Her life as queen however is not what she has expected. Everything turns downhill when she eventually finds out the emperor’s true nature. Ssu-Ni must learn how to survive in the royal family.

8. The Crowned Clown

In this series, we follow Ha Sun, a clown, who has been chosen to replace King Lee Hun. We see that there is a power struggle and there have been several attempts to kill the King. As a result, Ha Sun who looks identical to King is brought into the palace and is instructed to take the place of the King. Ha, Sun is afraid that his identity will be revealed. He eventually falls in love with Queen Yoo So-Woon.

9. Queen For Seven Days

In this series, we follow Chae-Kyung, a woman from a noble family who marries the crown prince, Lee Yuk. Kyung belonged to a powerful political family in the Joseon Dynasty. She falls in love with and marries Lee Yuk, the crown prince. She eventually becomes Queen Dan Kyung. However, as a result, she is caught between several political conflicts and between the conflicts of the two brothers, Lee Yuk and his half-brother Yeon San.

10. Rooftop Prince

In this series, we follow Crown Prince Lee Gak. Crown Prince Lee Gak from the Chosun Dynasty gets transported to the modern-day society of Seoul, South Korea. He meets Hong Se Na who has a resemblance to his dead wife. Determined to find out the truth behind the death of his wife and to find a way back to his own time Lee Gak sets out on a journey.