Article: Top 10 Korean Movies And Dramas Of Lee Min Ho

With his exceptional performances in films and television dramas, Lee Min Ho, a South Korean phenomenon, has permanently inscribed his name in the annals of Asian entertainment history. Min Ho has a devoted fanbase in his native country and abroad thanks to his alluring appearance, endearing personality, and remarkable acting talent. Here are the top 10 films and dramas with Lee Min Ho that you must not miss, whether you are a fan or just interested in his work.

1. Boys Over Flowers

Geum Jan Di, who works in her parents' dry cleaning business, is a shy person. She enrolls in a highly esteemed school as a result of an incident, where she meets the F4. The school is ruled by four wealthy, haughty, and attractive people; the teachers don't even challenge them. In this instance, Jan Di challenges the leader and is punished by him for her impolite actions. She withstands all the bullying and soon falls for Goo Joon Pyo (Lee Min Ho).

2. King: The Eternal Monarch

The third monarch of his generation and the orderly ruler of Korea, played by Lee Min-Ho, faces difficulties maintaining his focus after the passing of his father. Gon leaves the palace to avoid his responsibilities and unintentionally lands in a parallel universe where he meets Kim's character, police investigator Jeong Tae-Eul. As they pledge to support one another, Jeong Tae-Eul and Gon develop a friendship. Jeong Tae-Eul supports Gon by seeking to shut the door between the two worlds, and Gon assists Jeong Tae-Eul by pursuing criminals. The two find themselves falling in love with one another as they work to fulfill their responsibilities.

3. Legends Of The Blue Sea

The central characters of this tale are the mermaid Shim Cheong (Jun) and Kim Moon (Lee Min Ho), a human from the Joseon Dynasty who is Shim Cheong's lover. Years of fruitless searching for a reconciliation with Moon leave Shim Cheong waiting. Moon is resurrected as the con artist Heo Joon Jae in modern-day Seoul, and he sets his eyes on Cheong's $6 million jade bracelet. Witness the mind-blowing acting of Lee Min Ho in one of the best Korean dramas.

4. City Hunters

Once more, Lee Min Ho impresses in a fierce action role. He portrays Lee Yoon Sung, who poses as an IT specialist in the Blue House to carry out his father's plot for retaliation. Bodyguard Kim Na Na (Park Min Young) works in the White House. After discovering their missions and strategies for retaliation are identical, the two forge an unusual alliance. The show, which was based on a well-known Japanese manga, became well-known worldwide. Yoon Sung is a man who hides his lonely self in his unrelenting quest for justice, but he also has a kind and upbeat side to him. Lee Min Ho is a fantastic fit for his persona because he also exudes coolness.

5. Pachinko

Lee Min Ho is presented in a very different way in the adaption of the moving bestseller "Pachinko" by Korean-American author Min Jin Lee. To play Koh Hansu, the dangerously alluring yet merciless yakuza (member of a crime syndicate), the actor lets go of his romantic hero image. Koh Hansu causes a series of turbulent events in the life of the lady he loves, Sunja (Kim Min Ha). The actor described his character as a tragic man who doesn't know any better but is looking for love and forgiveness in his way. Lee Min Ho excels in his depiction of Hansu and steals the show.

6. Heirs

Rich and lonely Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) chooses to live away from home in Southern California at the whim of his tyrannical older brother Won (Choi Jin Hyuk). Eun Sang is in the United States to track down her missing sister, who has no plans to take her in or go back home. Sparks fly as Kim Tan saves Eun Sang from a dangerous situation and musters the courage to return to Seoul. Eun Sang attends the same prestigious school as Kim Tan and also just so happens to reside in his house as fate plays its cards.  Given their predicament, there is still reluctance between stolen kisses. Tan's antagonist Choi Young Do (Kim Woo Bin), who was once his best friend, at first acts arrogantly toward Eun Sang but later develops feelings for her as well.

7. Gangnam Blues

The plot, which is often referred to as Gangnam 1970, centers on two impoverished boyhood friends named Jong-Dae (Lee) and Yong-Ki (Kim), who resorted to picking up paper and empty bottles to make a living. Both join different Mafia gangs as adults and quickly become entangled in Gangnam, Seoul's political web.

8. The Personal Taste

Jeon Jin-ho (Lee), a fascinating character at the center of the story, pretends to be gay to live with a woman before finding love. Park Gae-in (Son), a woman who has had bad luck finding love, unexpectedly ends herself living with him. It is one of the classics of Lee Min Ho to watch.

9. Get Up

Wook-Gi (Lee) and Doo-Heon (Rhyme), two competing high school students, brawl and receive harsh punishment as a result. The two soon work out their issues as a result of the circumstances, and they ultimately go on a road trip together. The movie tells the story of two troublesome students.

10. Bounty Hunters

In this Lee Min Ho portrays the character of Lee San. Li-San (Lee) and A-Yo (Chung), suspended Interpol agents, are unjustly implicated in a terrorist bombing and turn into wanted individuals. The two join a group of bounty hunters to survive. The chase eventually takes them through China, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Thailand with hunters Cat (Tang), Swan (Ng), and Bao-bao (Fan). The goal is to steal USD 2 million.