Article: Top 10 Korean Movies And Dramas Of Gong Yoo

With his spectacular performances in films and television dramas, Gong Yoo, the South Korean phenomenon, has made an enduring impression on the entertainment industry. Yoo has a huge fan base in his native country and abroad thanks to his alluring appearance, endearing personality, and remarkable acting talent. Here are the top 10 films and dramas with Gong Yoo that you must not miss, whether you are a fan or just interested in his work.

1. Train To Busan

Many would say Train to Busan is a filmmaking masterclass, and they would be correct. Train to Busan defies expectations by presenting some of the most heartbreaking, bawl-your-eyes-out emotional moments in Korean cinema, but having a concept that may make it seem like simply another post-apocalyptic thriller about zombies. Gong Yoo portrays Seok Woo, a divorced businessman who prioritizes his career above all else. Seok Woo and his daughter are trapped on a bullet train with other passengers during a viral outbreak when some are prepared to do anything to survive.

2. Squid Game

A seemingly nice salesman (Gong) is tasked with enlisting indebted people for a series of games being hosted in an unidentified location in Korea. In the end, all 456 players put their lives in danger by participating in a series of kiddie games with a lethal twist in the hopes of earning a prize worth approximately USD 38 million. Although he was in the series for five minutes, that was enough to make the series a huge success.

3. The Silent Sea

The planet Earth in this science fiction television program is threatened by desertification in the future. A team of carefully chosen people, with the future of humanity at stake, travels to the moon to collect samples from the Balhae Lunar Research Station, a station that has been empty for five years since its personnel passed away mysteriously. The team doesn't know what was in the sample because it was presumably lost. The Silent Sea is a gripping and intriguing watch thanks to a strong mix of mystery and thriller woven into the narrative. The movie is set in outer space and is worth a watch.

4. Guardian: The Lonely And Great God

Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, sometimes known as Goblin, is among the most adored television programs in South Korea, both among viewers and among critics. In it, Gong Yoo portrays an immortal being who is destined to see those he loves pass away while time continues to pass by. The title character must track down the famous Goblin's bride to break the curse that has made him immortal by removing the sword from his chest. Goblin is a unique and interesting film, especially for fans of romance.

5. Silenced

Silenced, written and produced by Squid Game creator Hwang Dong Hyuk, depicts the horrifying atrocities that took place at a school for hearing-impaired children who were routinely sexually assaulted over time by staff members. Unfortunately, the movie is based on actual events and provides upsetting depictions of sexual assault and its effects. Silenced's raw and emotional nature had a profound cultural impact on South Korea, sparking debate over the nation's lax sexual crime legislation and ultimately resulting in real reform.

6. A Man And A Woman

A Man and a Woman is a theatrical romance about two people who fall in love after becoming stranded together in a snowstorm, to put it simply. Finland's stunningly picturesque frozen landscape serves as the backdrop for the narrative as the audience learns about the protagonists' families and the challenges they each confront. The love and dedication they have for their children and lives must eventually take precedence over the love and commitment they have for one another. Fans of romance can check out Gong's debut performance in A Man and a Woman.

7. Coffee Prince

Go Eun-chan is incorrectly hired by chaebol heir Choi Han-kyu to be his false gay lover so he may avoid the blind dates set up by his grandmother because of her tomboyish appearance. Han-kyu hires Eun-chan to work for the shuttered coffee business he's trying to resurrect without realizing she's a woman to prove his worth to his family and his first love. Eun-chan only agrees to the work because she needs the money, but as a result of Han-kyu falling in love with her while believing she is a boy and becoming confused about his sexual orientation, their relationship becomes complex.

8. The Age Of Shadows

To oppose the Japanese forces, Kim Woo-jin (Gong), a prominent member of the Korean resistance, and his crew are attempting to smuggle explosives in the 1920s. Lee Jung-school (Song), a Korean-born Japanese police officer, is forced to choose between his duty and his desire to aid a greater cause when he is sent to eliminate members of the country's resistance movement.

9. The Trunk

While working at NM, a fixed-term marriage agency that enables clients to test brief marriages with fresh spouses, Noh In-ji (Seo) is relishing her single life. In-ji is matched up with music producer Han Jung-won (Gong) and becomes his new spouse for a year in an unexpected turn of events. Jeong-won and In-ji discover a mystery trunk floating in a lake as they begin living together.

10. Kim Ji Young: Born 1982

This film, which is based on the same-named feminist novel, follows a woman in her 30s who encounters a bizarre phenomenon: she seems to be possessed by other women in her life, including her late mother and grandmother. She starts acting more and more like those women, and she starts living her life in their shoes. Although Gong Yoo isn't the main character, his persona has a significant impact on the film, which explores how a patriarchal society affects women.