Article: 10 Thai Dramas About Marriages

Marriage is when two people decide to spend the rest of their lives together because they love each other immensely. These dramas show contract marriages and accidental marriages and the ways they make them work. These dramas will make you believe in love more and the difficulties in a marriage. These dramas will give you a quick reality check.

1. Full House

The series is about a lady going for a short vacation to Korea and returning to find her house occupied by a man. They agree to marry each other and sign a deal. The deal soon turns into real feelings for each other.

2. Leh Ratree

The series is about a girl’s father stealing money from a company. Later getting chased, the CEO finds that he stole money for his heart surgery. The girl is married off to the CEO as payback. But the ex-wife of the CEO has not moved on yet.

3. My Secret Bride

The series involves a quirky girl from the slums and a charming cop. The cop saves the girl from false charges, and she falls for him. The girl asked to spy on the cop because he suspected he might be a part of a criminal gang. But the cop asks the girl to pretend to be his wife.

4. Padiwaradda

The story is about an adopted daughter who pretends to be her father's real daughter for the sale of his happiness. She marries her father’s friend's son because of a promise. The husband knows the truth and gets envious of her ex-boyfriend.

5. Lying Heart

The series is about two competitive cousins who are constantly bickering. A single father falls in love with one of them, but the girl keeps thinking he is not a good person. He tries hard to win over her, but his sister is against their relationship.

6. The Sand Princess

The series is about a girl going to a different city and working on regular tasks in a company. She learns that the boss has impregnated a fellow worker. The boss leaves the newborn at the girl's house and asks her to marry him in exchange for material things. The girl falls in love with his older brother and doesn't want to give the child to an adoption center.

7. Senior Secret Love: Bake Me Love

The series is about a blogger who is passionate about baking. She is in love with a boy, but things change when he humiliates her and tells her not to blog. She interrupts his date with his new girlfriend and discovers that he is her new neighbor.

8. Neung Nai Suang 

The series is about a girl without parents who meets her childhood bully at a party. He has returned from France and is famous. He falls in love with her, but the girl recalls that he used to bully her for her parents and looks. She rejects him, and this hurts his ego. He takes the challenge to make her fall for him.

9. Marn Bang Jai

The story is about a girl who is very attached to her father and is a senior in high school. The father passes away in a tragic accident. The accused marries the girl for compensation.

10. Jao Sao Jum Yorm 

The series is about two people getting cheated on by their partners on the day of their weddings. They meet at the bar, and the locals assume they are a couple. They go with the flow and spend a night together. They want to forget everything, but they can't move on.