Article: 10 Chinese Dramas About Friendship

Friends influence our lives in a big way. Friendships give us a ray of hope when we are about to give up. Friends are the reason for most of our happy moments. These dramas are about inseparable friends ready to die for each other. These dramas will have an impact on you and your friends. You will want to text your friends with whom you might have lost touch.

1. The Untamed

The series is about two warriors trained together. They find hidden information, but one of them dies while they are trying to expose them. But he is reincarnated after sixteen years.

2. Guardian

The story is about a group of friends trying to fight the deadly creatures living in the underground. They must defeat them before they take over the human race.

3. Ultimate Note

The series is about two friends trying to learn about the death of their acquaintances in a tomb accident. They find a video of their uncle and are determined to expose the secrets.

4. Psych Hunter

The story is about a man who sells haunted houses and meets a psychologist on the way. They both join hands with the daughter of a military man. They go on a quest to expose the dangerous spirits.

5. Cross Fire

The series is about a disabled man who plays chess in his wheelchair. He lost his brother a few years ago, and they are reunited in the same period to compete with him.

6. Word Of Honor 

The series is about an assassin who gets abandoned by his recruiting organization. He becomes an alcoholic and meets his friend, who is a ray of hope for him.

7. Killer And Healer

The series is about a duo who are opposite of each other. One is the police, and the other is a doctor. They work together to save people. They discover they have a shared past.

8. In A Class Of Her Own

The story is about a girl disguising herself as a boy for a job. She gets the job and grabs the opportunity to help her family. She becomes best friends with the Prime Minister's son, who helps her to succeed.

9. When We Were Young

The series is about a college student unfit to participate in a race after a tragic event. The cunning Class President takes her place. The classmates join hands with the girl to dethrone him.

10. The Silent Criminal

The series is about a royal martial arts spy planning to steal a weapon with powers, but when he reaches his destination, it is lost. He goes on a secret mission to find it and meets his best friend.