Article: 10 Japanese Dramas About Friendships

Friends are a fresh breeze on a dull day and a rainbow on a gloomy day. These dramas show life-altering friendships that will make you realize the importance of a good friend. Good friends are rare to meet, but when you find one, that person becomes more than a friend and family. You share secrets and can be yourself in front of them. Watch these dramas if you miss your friends.

1. Nobuta Wo Produce

The series is about a famous boy in school who is social and helpful but doesn't talk to others. A new girl joins the class, but she gets bullied for her looks. She gets a makeover with the help of her classmate.

2. Tumbling

The series is about a notorious group of boys joining the school’s gymnastics team. They ought to make a believer out of everybody. The story is about friendship and hard work.

3. Holyland

The series is about a student who is the odd one at school. He faces constant bullying and learns boxing for revenge. He defeats his bullies but gets forced to keep fighting to protect his Holyland.

4. Ouran High School Host Club

The series is about a student studying at a famous school and searching for a place to quietly reading. He comes across a club and sees six fellow boys from his class luring a lady. He breaks a vase in the club and gets asked to pay by working in the club.

5. Yamada Taro Monogatari

The story is about a charming scholarship student at a prestigious school. He has all the qualities of an all-rounder, but he is poor. He has six siblings to look after.

6. Signal

The series is about a boy losing all his dreams after becoming deaf. He becomes purposeless, but when he visits his brother in a club, he feels the beats of music. He gets invited by a team of dancers to join their group.

7. Stand Up!

The series is about four school boys who are the only virgins left among their peers. They reunite with their first love and realize she resembles a princess. They experience love and friendship in summer and the difficulties of adolescence.

8. Delicious Gakuin

The story is about a group of boys kidnapped by a cooking school. They get forced to join the school and learn cooking. They grasp several recipes and build life-changing friendships and relationships in school.

9. Shark

The series is about a band with five aspiring musicians. They want to make it big in the indie music industry. They work hard towards their debut, but one of their band members passes away in an accident. They start finding a substitute for the vocalist and meet a vocalist full of himself.

10. Risou No Musuko

The series is about a boy raised by his father while his mother worked. He gets dedicated to impressing his mother and is very protective of her. He joins a part-time job at the cafe but quits soon after his fellow workers trouble his mother. He joins another school without informing his mother.