Article: Top 10 Fluffy Japanese BLS

Japanese BLs are beloved for their heartwarming, tender portrayal of love, evoking feelings of pure and gentle affection that resonate deeply with audiences. Here are my top 10 fluffy Japanese BLs.

1. Kieta Hatsukoi/ My Love Mix Up!

In this heartwarming and comedic drama, Aoki's innocent crush on Hashimoto takes a comical turn when he mistakenly borrows her eraser with another boy's name on it. What ensues is a delightful romantic comedy filled with fluffy moments, hilarious antics, and adorable characters. Aoki's mishaps (when he ends up as Cinderella? So cute) and the charming cast make it one of the best BL dramas, offering a perfect blend of humor and romance that will leave you smiling. (Aoki is my baby, he’s so adorable.)

2. 30-sai Made Dotei Da To Mahotsukai Ni Nareru Rashii/ Cherry Magic!

In this heartwarming and emotional drama, Adachi Kiyoshi discovers an unusual power on his 30th birthday - the ability to read minds when he touches someone. What follows is a heartwarming journey filled with fluffy and cute moments as he accidentally uncovers the secret romantic feelings of his handsome coworker, Kurosawa Yuichi. With lovable characters, genuine emotions, and undeniable chemistry, this drama proves that you don't need explicit scenes to convey a heartwarming and authentic love story.

3. Bokura No Shokutaku/ Our Dining Table

Yutaka, a salaryman with social eating struggles, discovers the joy of cooking and sharing meals when he meets Minoru and Tane, two brothers from different generations. Through their culinary journey, a beautiful found family forms, filled with adorable and heartwarming moments that will leave you smiling nonstop. This drama is a delightful exploration of the power of food and connection, offering a heartwarming and feel-good experience that warms the soul. It’s super adorable and will make a lasting impact on you. (BLs with a cute baby are always the best.)

4. Kamisama No Ekohiiki/ God’s Favor

Amano Yashiro's pursuit of love takes a unique twist when he is reborn as Tendo Kagura, a female student, in an attempt to win over his best friend Nanahara Kenta. As Yashiro navigates the complexities of love and identity, the show remains refreshingly honest and mature. The fluffy and adorable moments are complemented by the raw and relatable aspects of the narrative. Amidst the humor, it explores themes of self-discovery, relationships, and the importance of living life authentically, making it a captivating and memorable watch. Kagura’s quote, 'My life is mine alone to live for the rest of time’, is impactful and emphasizes the theme of self-discovery.

5. Fukou-kun Wa Kiss Suru Shikanai! / Mr. Unlucky Has No Choice But To Kiss!

Fukuhara Kota's unending bad luck hinders him from making friends, while Shinomiya Naoya's supernatural good luck draws people in effortlessly. When their paths cross, their strikingly different personalities collide, leading to a heartwarming and cute journey. Awkward, endearing and slightly annoying, Kota's comical misfortunes and Naoya's sweet nature make for a delightful combination. Despite a clumsy beginning, their relationship blossoms into a fluffy and soft romance that showcases their growth and deep affection for each other.

6. Senpai, Danjite Koidewa! / Senpai! I'm In Love

Yanase, a 3D CG designer, faces the challenge of mentoring the unfriendly and aloof Kaneda Yuki. As their worlds collide on a new project, it's a story of overcoming differences and finding support in unexpected places. Beyond the occasional writing hiccups, the drama offers moments of heartfelt fluff and relatable charm, touching on themes of burnout and unconditional love. Yanase's relatable character adds depth to the narrative, making it a cute and heartwarming watch.

7. Old Fashion Cupcake

39-year-old Nozue's life follows a monotonous routine until he meets his dependable and hard-eyed subordinate, Togawa. Their journey takes an unexpected turn when they visit a bustling pancake shop filled with girls. Togawa becomes a source of inspiration, reminding Nozue that it's never too late to rediscover joy, pursue dreams, and embrace life's pleasures. The characters' kindness, understanding, and relatability make this show a touching reminder that life is full of opportunities for growth and happiness, no matter your age. It's a beautiful and heartwarming narrative that leaves a lasting impression. The show is very fluffy and healing, and you’re bound to love it. (Enjoy a cute dessert even if you’re a grown adult, you deserve to.)

8. Kinou Nani Tabeta? / What Did You Eat Yesterday?

Shiro Kakei, a reserved lawyer, and Kenji Yabuki, an openly gay hairdresser, navigate the complexities of their relationship in their 40s. The show beautifully blends love, friendship, humor, and everyday challenges against the backdrop of delicious Japanese dishes and recipes (perfect for people who enjoy dramas focusing on food.) It explores themes of identity, acceptance, and the changing social landscape, all while delivering a fluffy and emotionally resonant narrative. Shiro and Kenji's journey, filled with relatable simplicity and emotional depth, offers a refreshing take on adult life and LGBTQ+ relationships.

9. Jack O’ Frost

Illustrator Okusawa Ritsu and salesman Ikegami Fumiya's love story takes an unexpected twist when Ritsu loses his memory after a fight. As Fumiya conceals their past and embarks on a journey to retrace their steps, the narrative delves deep into themes of care, passion, and rediscovery. Their realistic and touching journey, filled with sweet and bittersweet memories, reignites their connection. The show's focus on the warmth of their relationship, combined with genuine performances, creates a compelling and heartfelt story, although it’s lacking in some ways, it will definitely tug at your heartstrings.

10. Minato Shouji Coin Laundry/ Minato Coin Laundry

Minato Akira, a middle-aged coin laundry owner, leads a peaceful life until high school student Katsuki Shintaro enters his world. Despite their age difference, a deep friendship blossoms. However, when Shintaro discovers Akira's sexuality, the dynamics shift. Akira's cheeky and lovable nature contrasts with Minato's kindness and shyness. The show offers plenty of fluffy moments, although it unfolds at a leisurely pace and the characters may appear somewhat passive. Despite this, it delivers a cute, slow-burn story that captures the essence of their evolving relationship.