Article: Top Ten Unforgettable Japanese Time Travel Movies

The time travel genre can sometimes be perplexing, and it usually occurs through the use of technology and, or science, permitting us to glimpse into the future. It may sound like science fiction, but time travel has been commonly treated as if it were magic. It turns out that making a good time-travel film is not easy. Countless movies have attempted and failed for multiple reasons. The logic can be problematic, but a story's plot mechanism may rely heavily on it, leading to a lack of rich or exciting characters. However, there are some genuinely excellent time travel films that capture the concept and create vivid and original stories, most of which have endured the test of time. Here, we take a look at ten of the most unforgettable Japanese movies about time travel, each placing its distinct perspective on the premise of characters who manage to travel through time somehow.

1. Nobunaga Concerto

Nobunaga concerto is one of the best Japanese movies and is based on time travel, written by Ayumi Ishii. This story is about sabur, a high school student who time travels to Japan's Sengoku Era and is the protagonist of the novel. He must change into Oda Nobunaga, a legendary warlord who aids in the unification of Japan.


2. My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday

Takatoshi Minamiyama (Sota Fukushi) studies art at a Kyoto university. He meets Emi Fukuju (Nana Komatsu) on the train to school and falls in love with her at first sight. He collects all of his strength and speaks to her. They start dating and have a good time together, and then Emi tells him about her secret.


3. Time Traveller

Yoshiyama Kazuko worked as a pharmaceutical researcher in 2010, secretly creating a time travel formula. Her daughter Akari finds her mother's first love, Fukamachi Kazuo, via Kazuko's friend Asakura Goro, when she is comatose after a car accident. Akari uses Kazuko's formula to travel through time to the 1970s in the hopes of finding a younger Kazuo who really can help her mother regain consciousness. However, she meets Mizorogi Ryota and then becomes friends with him. They come together to identify Kazuo, but love blooms between Akari and Ryota, although Akari must return to the future at some point.


4. The 100th Love With You

This time travel film may smack you in the face with reality. No matter how tough to undo the past, even if you do have the ability to do so, you can't change God's choice. Time travel is and always will be fiction. When Aoi (Miwa) regains consciousness, she finds herself one week before the accident. Riku (Sakaguchi Kentaro), Aoi's best friend, has been in love with her for a long time but cannot express his emotions to her. He returns to save Aoi and confesses his feelings to her. What would Aoi's reaction be if the secret that has been kept is out?


5. Orange

On her sixteenth birthday, Naho (Tsuchiya Tao) got a letter from her future self, Naruse Kakeru. A new student from Tokyo had been introduced to the class while she was reading the letter, and his name was Naruse Kakeru! Naho stopped reading the letter as she didn't believe what it stated. Naho finally decided to support Kakeru as her affection for him grew gradually. Naho tried her best not to repeat the same mistakes that her future self would have.


6. Erased / The Town Where Only I Am Missing

This movie is a thriller that focuses on a strange murder that occurred in the past. Satoru Fujinuma (Tatsuya Fujiwara), the central protagonist, has the option to go back in time before the incidents occur and try to prevent them from occurring. The twist at the end will certainly leave you speechless for hours, if not days.


7. Enoshima Prism

 While they were in primary school, Saku and Michiru became pals. Saku has had a heart condition since he was a kid; therefore, his two best friends looked after him. Saku had a heart attack and died as a result of it. Shuta, who felt he should do something, was disappointed that he couldn't. Shuta went to Enoshima to commemorate Saku's passing on the second anniversary of his death. Shuta discovered a watch, which he believes is a time machine that can transfer him back to when Saku died. Shuta tried to save Saku by altering history in some way.



8. A Boy And His Samurai

Yasube Kijima, a warrior from the Edo Period, travels 180 years across time to reach modern-day Japan. Then he encounters Hiroko, a divorcee, and her kid Tomoya. To survive, Yasube started working as a servant for Hiroko. One of these days. Yasube begins making pastries for Tomoya, and as a result, Yasube becomes a well-known patissier. The three get closer as the procedure progresses, but the day arrives when they must say their goodbyes.


9. The Miracles Of Namiya General Store

In 2012, three delinquents, including Atsuya, learn that their hiding place, a run-of-the-mill general store, is owned by a gentleman who offers free advice to disturbed people via letters. Something strange occurs, and Atsuya understands that a letter had been delivered to the mailbox at midnight. It's a letter from 32 years ago, addressed to the Namiya General Store, seeking advice. Surprisingly, the mailbox had a link to the year 1980. While confused, Atsuya responds in the shopkeeper's place. As another letter has been sent, the group continues to respond.



10. Tokyo Girl

When Miho, a high schooler, meets her widowed mother's potential husband at a cafe, she refuses to approve. She drops her phone as she steps out of the restaurant. There's an earthquake taking place right now, and she drops her phone down a stairwell. Tokijiro, a small child from 1912, discovers the phone.