Article: 10 Food To Steal From Your Favorite K Drama

We have watched these K Dramas and wondered what makes the leads drool over the food. While watching these dramas, the food scenes must have made your mouth water. We have found some mouth-watering k drama-inspired food that will leave you spellbound. These dishes stand out in the dramas and play an essential role in the plot. These dramas will have you looking for these dishes. We have got your back if you want to recreate these popular recipes.

1. Grilled Kimchi- Hospital Playlist

Kimchi is a Korean staple, and at least 3-4 cans of kimchi are stored in the refrigerator. It is infamously known as pickled radish completed of fermented and salted cabbage. It is a side dish you get to see in most Korean dramas. They eat it with soup, rice and sometimes as a snack.

2. Cold Noodles- Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo 

The idea of adding ice to noodles might be weird for someone not familiar with Korean culture. This bowl of cold noodles is perfect for the scorching heat. The noodles are a burst of flavors and leave you refreshed. It's a pretty easy recipe to recreate. You can put on your master chef hats and give this a try.

3. Kimbap- Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Kimbap may be considered a second lead in this drama. The main character eats kimbap for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Some cooked rice is rolled with egg, meat, and vegetables inside seaweed sheets and cut into circles. This dish stands out in the entire drama because Woo Yeong-u’s best friend gives kimbap a unique twist.

4. Tteokbokki- Romance Is A Bonus Book

Tteokbokki is the pinnacle of Korean cuisine. Every food-related scene in a K drama consists of this dish. The dish is made out of chewy rice cakes soaked in a spicy sauce. Romance is a Bonus Book uses tteokbokki in a romantic scene between the main characters.

5. Bungeoppang- Vincenzo

Bungeoppang is a goldfish-shaped Korean waffle that is crunchy and has a sweet filling on the inside. The lead, who is raised in Italy, eats this snack to relive his childhood memories. The demand for this snack increased after this drama.

6. Corn Dog- Start-Up

Corn Dog is considered Korea's favorite street food. The corn dog is a sausage dipped in salt and sweet batter and then deep fried. The female lead’s grandmother sells corn dogs and earns her living. This street food is impossible to resist.

7. Ramen- True Beauty 

Ramen is a constant in Korean households. It is the best midnight snack and very convenient to make. It's a perfect snack for rainy days. We haven't come across a single drama without the mention of ramen in their food-eating sequence.

8. Korean Fried Chicken- Business Proposal

The classic Korean Fried Chicken is considered the pride of Korea. It is crispy, juicy, and spicy. The series shows the female lead’s family owning a fried chicken shop, and people have been looking for the shop ever since.

9. Jajangmyeon- Suspicious Partner

Jajangmyeon is Korean noodles covered in a thick sauce and topped with pork and vegetables. It is the perfect mid-day snack when you are at work. This dish stands out in this drama because the leads eat this at work while solving cases.

10. Dalgona Candy- Squid Game

The popular drama uses the Korean street food Dalgona Candy in one of its episodes. The candy is made of melted sugar and has a burnt and sweet flavor. It is enjoyed by children and molded into shapes such as stars and umbrellas.