Article: Top 10 Fairy Tale Thai Dramas

Salutations, my fellow enthusiasts of the dramatic arts! I extend a warm invitation to partake in an exhilarating odyssey through Thai television, an odyssey laden with the allure of enchantment. Within the rich tapestry of Thai dramaturgy lies an abundant treasury of fairytale narratives, all poised to whisk you away to realms teeming with the potent brew of romance, fantasy, and awe. I urge you to come with me as I introduce you to a selection of the best fairytale Thai dramas if you have a burning desire to embark on an experience that enchants the senses. These gems stand committed, prepared to ensnare your affections and set ablaze the furnace of your imagination.

1. F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers

The play centers on Gorya, a girl from a low-income family who enrolls in a prominent, wealthy school attended by the rich. The F4 clique, an exclusive group of four wealthy, attractive, and pampered lads, runs the school. She resists their intimidation and ultimately falls in love with Thyme. The drama showcases how rich, spoiled brats become kind-hearted and the fairytale love story between Thyme and Gorya with the support of their loved ones.

2. Hua Jai Sila

Heart of Stone, also known as Hua Jua Sila in English, is the ideal vengeance drama to get your blood pumping. The story revolves around Tor (Tor Thanapob Leeratanakachorn), a wealthy man's mistress's love child who is made to live with the family following the death of his original mother. He walks away from home and jumps into a river, believing he will drown because of the horrible treatment he receives from his family, but he survives. Years later, Sila matures into a ruthless, infamous pimp. He assumes a new identity and returns to the family to sabotage them and exact revenge on everyone who has hurt him.

3. Full House

Full House inspired by the 2004 Korean drama that helped popularize the Hallyu, centers on Aom Am, a writer who is tricked out of her home while visiting Korea. She encounters the new owner, a well-known actor named Mike, who is determined to get her belongings back. They commit to each other for a year in a contract marriage. However, as their friendship develops and they fall for one another, it's not all "strictly business."

4. The Crown Princess

The Crown Princess centers on Crown Princess Alice, the next in line to the throne of the small, fictional nation of Hyross. She is in danger when visiting Thailand for a diplomatic occasion. She is placed in hiding and guarded by her bodyguard, Lieutenant Commander Davin Samuthyakorn, to keep her safe. If necessary, she can stand her ground and fight alongside her bodyguard. Despite frequently being contrasted with the Korean classic, the Thai adaptation updates the original in its cute, fluffy way, including wonderful lead characters who exhibit incredible chemistry.

5. Rivalry

The rivalry between two competing families of heritage enterprises in a fiercely competitive industry is the subject of Rivalry; arguably one of the best Thai dramas in 2022. The plot revolves around family issues and relationships. When Milin and Anawin, the parent's children and the natural heirs to the enterprises, fall in love, the tension that started with the parents' generation seeps down to the younger generation and becomes a problem. Rivalry won praise for the chemistry between the protagonists, well-paced character development, and production, in addition to its outstanding ensemble and captivating plot full of twists and turns.

6. Love Destiny

This historical drama incorporates romance and historical themes. In this tale, a plump archaeologist named Kadesurang is thrust into the body of another lady named Karakade during the Ayutthaya period due to karma, merit, love, fate, and a moon chant. Love Destiny gives a perfect fairytale vibe that everyone craves for.

7. 2gether: The Series

Envisage a realm where romance flourishes like a winter bloom in "2gether: The Series." The stage is winter’s canvas, a setting where counterfeit emotions evolve into an authentic crescendo of affection. Amidst the snowy landscapes, whimsy and enchantment thread themselves into the character's passage towards love embrace.

8. Game Sanaeha

It delves into the life of a woman named Muanchanok, who completed her studies abroad. Within two years, her parents split, and her father was remarrying a younger former beauty queen. Due to these circumstances, Nok became a bitter, envious lady who intended to bring her parents back together at all costs due to her fractured family. Lakkhanai started residing at Nok's home in the meantime. He had developed into a successful upper-level manager in her father's business from a friend of Nok's. Nok began a game of love with Lakkhanai after accepting his challenge. But Nai's affection for her had always been genuine.

9. Princess Hours 

The action takes place in the fictional nation of Bhutin. Due to a vow made between the families of both individuals, Crown Prince In and Kaning get married. Prince In had a close acquaintance, Minnie, who was close enough to be referred to as his "girlfriend" before getting married to Kaning. Minnie had declined his request for her hand in marriage. Prince In and Kaning spend time together every day, which helps them get to know one another better and form feelings for one another.

10. The Secret Bride

Venturing into the realm of "The Secret Bride," viewers are plunged into a milieu redolent with the weight of arranged unions and the tenets of filial obligation. Amidst the luxuriant vistas that form the backdrop, the drama unfurls a panorama where the hurdles faced by a woman resonate with the symphony of love, fidelity, and her unquenchable thirst to chart her trajectory through the labyrinth of existence.