Article: Top 10 Japanese Celebs Who Have other Side Businesses

Japanese entrepreneurs are not commonly found. Most famous people own their businesses because want freedom from the industry or to raise extra cash. The high maintenance a list celebs own clothing brands, makeup brands, or have their perfume because that's high profile like themselves. These stars may own huge companies of fashion brands or skincare products. Their fame and status help them reach the commercial top with their company. There are also brand ambassadors and along with the media attention they control the business world with their power. Japanese entrepreneurs in the industry of entertainment do not own such glamorous or attractive companies. They are the actors that take over family culinary traditions with food joints all over the world with their expertise.

1. Mifune Toshiro

He is an actor who has a Japanese restaurant in New York named after him which will popularize traditional Japanese cuisine worldwide. The wooden walls and interior have a family emblem too. The place offers Japanese meals that taste well with cocktails and wines. He has acted in over 150 films.


2. Yuki Okumoto

This Japanese actor owns a Hawaiian and Japanese-themed restaurant in Washington opened with his wife that many of his fans don’t know about. Kona Kitchen is in Seattle and the Lynnwood suburb. He has starred in 'The Karate Kid part two' and in the series Cobra Kai' on Netflix. This business that he owns is a family-owned restaurant.


3. Nobuyuki Matsuhisa

He is a Japanese celebrity chef who has played important roles in three films. Many restaurants are named after him all around the globe as he is known for his signature fusion of traditional Japanese meals with Peruvian ingredients. There are ten Nobu restaurants all around the globe. He first opened a restaurant in Beverly Hills after which he started Nobu New York. The Nobu establishments are seen in Mexico, London, Milan, Dubai, Hong Kong, and Melbourne.


4. Sayuri Oyamada

She is a Japanese film and television personality who proceeded to sell NYC rice balls in a local business. During the pandemic, she started her business to sell Onigiri rice balls made with traditional and American ingredients. They have nine flavors of handmade rice balls and vegan choices. The ingredients used are Japanese Red Basil, kale, and avocado. She sells these items at 450 yen in Manhattan and Brooklyn.


5. Noah Ishikura

He is a model who starred in the Terrace House and he has inherited his father's airline business. His father was a shareholder in the budget airline and presently owns a small aviation consulting firm. Noah thus is a part of the aviation industry and the PR of the shareholders of the airline. Seina and he are married and met in the reality show called Terrace House.


6. Hiroyuki Ota

He is a Japanese screen actor, former child actor, and businessman. He founded a sushi store with branches called 'Kosen Sushi’ but it later went into bankruptcy. He was arrested for exploitation and confinement, due to financial troubles. He is also a voice actor in two animated movies and he was interviewed by Honda.


7. Mocomichi Hayami

He is a Japanese actor, chef, TV presenter, model, and entrepreneur. He has his line of kitchen utensils and also published cookbooks. He is famous for his cooking skills and as the host of Moco’s Kitchen. His farm Catador, in Spain, produces his own classic spicy and fruity olive oil. He launched his kitchen brand that shows off the top-notch tools he uses in his passionate cooking.


8. Shin Koyamada 

He is an actor, producer, philanthropist, and entrepreneur who starred in a Tom Cruise film. It was his Hollywood debut and he also supports international NGOs around the world. In 2008, he cofounded KIF, Koyamada International Foundation a USA-based nonprofit organization. It is headquartered in Los Angeles and promotes the peace and humanitarian empowerment of global youth.


9. Kazutoshi Sakurai

He is a Tokyo-based musician who writes lyrics and sings for the Bank Band. He also writes songs for the band Mr. Children. He was one of the Young Global Leaders at the World Economic Forum. He is an entrepreneur who co-founded the AP Bank where he funded one million dollars to launch the nonprofit group which finances environment-friendly products.


10. Hidaka Mitsuhiro

He is a Japanese Pop artist, rapper, singer-songwriter, track maker, producer, actor, and dancer. He is one of the J-pop group AAA and hip hop trio Mother Ninjas. He went solo as Sky- Hi in a 2013 debut. He is the CEO of an entertainment company BMSG which he founded, Be My Self Group, for artists and talents that want an agency of their type and do not want to be forced by the management. A different International mindset and timing are important for Japanese media attention in BMSG. He also created his independent record label BULLMOOSE.