Article: Top 10 Super Hit EXO Albums

EXO-L is the fan base, and every single one of them has a name called Aeris, or stars of the EXO is named after the exoplanet, which is a planet in our solar system. There were two subunits called EXO-K and EXO-M, the Korean and Mandarin groups. They are popular boys of Asia and they also popularize Korea in a global trend. These Korean-Chinese boys have won the hearts of millions and they have an awesome connection together. The band became one of the Forbes Korea Power Celebrities. Perhaps that’s because they give the vibe of a superpower in their tracks. They are also known as the Kings of Pop.

1. EXO The 2nd REPACKAGE Album (Love Me Right)

This is repackaged version of Exodus with fast beats, and it is a fun of thankfulness of EXO. Love me Right is an electronic R&B song that is about a mysterious feeling. My Answer is a quality pop blend of the perfect vocals and piano harmonized. First Love is an R&B track with falsetto and guitar techniques.


2. Overdose

It is an extended play and the title song is an app hop and R&B blend of urban dance concepts. This man is preoccupied with love that looks real and sensual. Moonlight is an attractive concept of bittersweet love. Love Love Love is full of imagination, harp, piano, and guitar. These tracks capture the hearts of fans with brightness and a glow that special to EXO.


3. Don’t Fight The Feeling

This is a special EP about self-confidence while making choices in life and self-motivation which is cool. The title track is a synth-pop track and the album has an extraterrestrial feeling and concept. The theories keep the fans engaged and the album is full of love, maturity, and transformation. Runaway is a light R&B track with piano mixed with guitar and it is about freedom from life.


4. Obsession

It has three versions, EXO, X-EXO, and Obsession. It helps you emerge out of stress, grief, and anxiety. They bring out their dark and evil sides and they seem too in-your-face with an unapologetic attitude towards new freedom from toxicity.  The bass, hip hop, and visuals are the accurate concepts of superpower. The electro-funk, upbeat, and light songs are all blended into the concept.


5. Don’t Mess Up My Tempo

The title track is a funky experiment with tempo and sounds upbeat; the dance is dynamic and has a military visual. In other songs like Sign, there are vocals in chorus and rap full of texture. There's also synth, dubstep, and EDM with full intensity. There's also some dance vibe, drama, Jazz, and R&B.


6. The War

If you knew that EXO is all about superhuman power then this might seem sensible. You might find the energy instilled into the crowd with the electro beat in Power which is the neon story of EXO's beginnings. The solar eclipse reminds the stars of the galaxy they are in. By the way that's a symbol seen before too and the future seems full of tech stuff. In Diamond, there's swag, EDM, hip hop, and traps symbol


7. Ex'act

Monster broke the world record of PSY to get the highest view count and also for racking the highest views in 24 hours. The choreography has eye-catching and powerful stage arrangements. The performance is a strong one and a storm. The notes are dark and this might look like EXO has supernatural power. Artificial Love is about a loving girl with an invented mask and the moves are sensually energetic.



It is the debut studio album with a Kiss and another Hug version. Baby Don’t Cry is an R&B song, with a slow and soft piano melody, set in a ‘night that shines brighter than tears.’ Two lovers join their fates and the love is remembered. With Growl, EXO became more famous and it has found a permanent heart of fandom. 365 is a pop track with an informal, energetic, winning guitar tune. Wolf is a deep song about a mate-crazed werewolf that might include a trapped beauty.


9. MAMA 

It is a debut studio extended play by EXO which means ‘royalty’. The song Two Moons is experimental and has charming beats and hooks. The song Angel is a cover of eternally lost by J Lewis which is about a gorgeous girl he is dreaming about and he is her angel. He is her guardian when she gets injured and his love is only for her. He's a boy who's lost his wings and home. The machine is a song in the electronic genre which a funky rhythm. Now you know that the EXO fandom is acquainted with a celeb prince.


10. Exodus

Because it has two editions released in short intervals, the album became increasingly popular. One of the versions was Love Me Right. With this album, they wanted to bring new music to the fandom. In Call me Baby, the boys are in a luxury car dealership which makes the choreography visuals in the music video high ticket. The Korean and Chinese versions topped at no.1 and 2 on the Goan weekly albums chart. On the Billboards 200 chart, it secured the 95th place. Beautiful is an R&B track with a stunning display of great vocalists.