Article: Top 10 Most Handsome Korean Actors And Their Relationships

K-Dramas are so popular worldwide for their attracted attention for their unique style, fashion, and culture. These series are actually streamed in the Korean language and provide subtitles of different languages. So that all the different geographical locational native language people can also watch and understand. The most important aspect of why people love these series is for their eye-catching style and their flawless beauty, whether it be a man or a woman.

These are the top 10 celebrity couples who will make you trust in love again and who will make you think that fairy tales do exist. These couple’s chemistry of bonding is so strong that it sparks even today in spite of living in a years-long relationship. They have proved that love is eternal and true and it is the purest form of all the feelings in the world. So come on let’s check out some of the best couples.

1. Rain And Kim Tae Hee

The two are already parents to two children. They have been keeping their relationship so strong and so beautiful even after years of marriage. They got married in the year 2017. They’ve already hit the 4th shot in their beautiful journey. They had also recently advertised together for the second time.


2. Sooyoung And Jung Kyung Ho

You wouldn’t believe it when we tell you how long they’ve been dating. It’s been nine years!! Yes! You heard it right. 9 years and still sailing the ship. Their relationship is stronger than ever. People find it so difficult to deal with relationship dramas and end up with a breakup. But these two have been with each other in their life’s journey, supporting one another. And that’s the key to their long and strong relationship.


3. G-Dragon And Jennie

These two couples officially confirmed the relationship very recently this year. Most of their co-worker knew about them dating. Many of their fans, too, doubted these two. But once they officially broke out the fact their agency too confirmed it. The news is also spreading that they will be getting married soon, although we don’t exactly know from how long they have been in a relationship. They both are most admired by people for their stylish duo.


4. Hyuna And Dawn

Yes, you heard it right. It’s been five years already since their relationship. And even now, going so strong. They are the most fun-going couples and of course, proved that love is as strong as a rock. They have been very active on Instagram and have a huge number of fan followers. Their Instagram feed flexes with their photos together, and one can find their great love for each other.


5. Kim Woo Bin And Shin Min Ah

Just seeing these two together brings enormous joy to one’s eyes. How can someone not adore them and their love? They both just fit into perfectionism and the best part is that they have been with one another through all the toughest phases of their life, through health and sickness, joy and sadness. Although they haven’t been married yet, the amount of connection and attachment they have between each other is just on top of the world. I can’t wait to see them in an actual hitched family life.


6. Park Shin Hye And Choi Tae Joon

The couples started as friends and ended up in a relationship. It has been a while now, and shin opened up about their relationship with the public. They have confessed that it was not their idea to tell about it openly, but it just happened to be. This couple’s relationship is unique because they have been doing long distances and still keeping the relationship very strong. Tae Joon is currently serving in the army, and they tell that distance hasn’t made any difference in their relationship bonding.


7. Gummy And Jo Jung Suk

Gummy is a famous singer and actor. They have been sharing a beautiful relationship for six years down the lane. They said that they had been introduced to each other through a mutual friend during an interview. The couple started loving each other after fitting into the positive and a good vibe. They look almost heavenly for each other and share an awesome bond.


8. Taeyang And Min Hyo Rin

The two are one of those celebrity couples that people love. Most of their fans had doubted the two assuming to think that they are in a relationship. They did not hesitate to go very close in front of the public. Fans adore their love life so much through comments on their social media pages. Both have been very talented and deserve each other.


9. Kang Daniel And Jihyo

Both of them are singers come actors, and both their agencies have confirmed that their relationship is official. They are very young and look so adorable. The rumor had spread when Jihyo drove in her car to drop Daniel. This love story also started as friends when they got to meet each other through their mutual friends.


10. Oh Chang Suk And Lee Chae Eun

These two are the actor and model couples. Although the profession seems connected by means of glamour, they also felt the connection between them and fell in love. Having been in the relationship for a long time they have understood each other and have been very caring about each other.


Most of the k-drama relationships go unnoticed, and it’s also a fact that they don’t officially announce their relationships openly to the public. This is because it might bring down their reputation. In spite of all these issues that might affect their career life, they have chosen to open up about their love life. It is something that everybody should understand how much they consider their relationships just the way they do with their career.