Article: Top 10 Thai Actors Versed In English

Here’s a list of Thai actors who are well versed in the English language and are showcasing their talents within the Thai and other film industries outside southeast Asia.

They're also cherished and loved worldwide for their exceptional work in numerous films. Artists from across the globe, today can exhibit their talents to an unlimited audience and receive love and appreciation globally, and to be able to engage with such a diverse fan following, knowledge of more than one language and especially the English Language do come in handy.

1. Mike D Angelo

Mike D. Angelo, 31, who is also a former popular duo singer as well as Thai actor is popular through movies such as “Full House” Thai version, he has also played various roles in Chinese drama as well.

He ranked number one in the recently released popularity list, he’s one of the talented actors who can speak multiple languages such as Chinese ( Mandarin) and English very fluently and is also popular worldwide.


2. Mario Maurer

A Thai actor and model, seen in films like “Pee Mak” and “Jan Dara” can understand mandarin, speak Thai and English languages. He’s popular among the Chinese and Thai masses.


3. Poo Praya Lundberg

Poo Praya Lundberg, well versed in English and Thai languages is Also a UNHCR and the first goodwill ambassador from southeast Asia. She is better known for her roles in films such as “Realms” and “Bangkok Adrenaline”. she can speak the English language along with the Thai language.


4. Punpun Sutatta

The Charming Thai actress Punpun Sutatta is best known for her roles in “Last Summer”, “May Who?” And “Hormones” is fluent in the English and Thai languages. The actress has a huge fan base among the Thai audience.


5. Yaya Urassaya

Yaya, a Thai-Norwegian actress and model known for her roles in “Duang Jai Akkanee”, “Game Rai Game Rak” is fluent in Thai, English, Norwegian languages along with Spanish and French.

Marked with her spendthrift style and fine acting skills she's one of the very popular Thai actors.


6. Mike Pattaradet

Michael Pattaradet Sa-Nguankwamdee, aka Mike Pattaradet, is seen in films like “The Lethal Rancher”, “Ateeta” and many other films showcasing his charming and versatile acting skills, can speak English and Chinese languages alongside the native Thai language.


7. Chin Chinawut

The singer, actor, model, dancer, and music composer Mr. Chin Chinawut is not just a full-fledged one-man show but also incredibly versed in French, Thai and English languages. The commendable qualities complemented by his awe-striking looks make it a delight for all of us to watch him perform.

Due to his range of creative skills, he's known to a wide range of populations and receives truckloads of fan following.


8. Bo Thunyasupan

A very talented Thai actress seen in the movie “My Name is Love” is surprisingly a multi-linguist with six languages including Thai, English, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, and French. Her work is marked with minute detailing and extravagant display of performing skills, the actress has a plethora of fan following.


9. Mint Nawinda

Known for her roles in the Dramas “Team Zaa Tah Fun”, “Kularb Fai”, “Sunya Ruk Sunya Luang”, the gracious actress can speak Thai, English, Italian and French languages making herself versatile for performing in a spectrum of languages across the Global Film Industries. Moreover, she's also loved and appreciated across the globe and is popular among a spectrum of audiences.


10. Bie Thassapak Sku

Hailing into popularity through Chinese TV shows, the 29-year-old actor, recently seen Thai dramas “Fai Sin Chua” along with “Club Friday The Series 12: Jut Jop Kong Suan Gern” among others is quite a versatile actor.

Thassapak can fluently speak Thai, Chinese and English languages, which also opens up for him the opportunity to pursue his career in film industries outside of his native land.