Article: 10 Korean Star Kids Who Are Stars Of The Social Media


We all love babies and little kids, especially when they are children of our favourite celebrities. We cannot stop adoring them. That's why we bring you some of the popular Korean Star kids who are popular on social media among netizens. Whether it is their cute looks, adorable acting or smart brains they always amaze the audiences. The babies automatically trigger a sense of joy in us with traits to protect and nurture.

1. Ha Oh

Ha Oh is the son of Korean rapper Kang Gary. Kang Ha Oh first appeared on a Korean TV show The Return Of Superman two years ago at the age of two. The little boy surprised the viewers with his adorable looks and super-intelligent brain. The Little kid has his own Instagram account with more than 400k followers.


2. Ro Hee

Ro Hee is the daughter of former idol Eugene and actor Ki Tae Yong. The 'reel to real' couple married after they shot a drama together. Their daughter Ro Hee has her fan club and always mesmerizes the fans. Ro Hee resembles her mother a lot, netizens are constantly debating who is prettier, the mom or the daughter.


3. Bentley And William Hammington

Bentley And William Hammington, popularly known as 'William and Bentley' in Korea, are the two sons of comedian Sam Hammington. The father-son trio appeared on the show The Return of Superman for five years. They were born to a Korean mother, Jeong Yu Mi. No one can get enough of these two little adorable kids.


4. Choi Jae Yul

Choi Jae Yul is the first son of idol couple Choi Min Hwan and LABOUM's Yulhee. Jae Yul also has two twin sisters. You can find many videos featuring these adorable kids on the YouTube Channel - 'Yulhee's House'. The audience loves seeing these lovable kids growing up together. A visual-filled family.


5. Lee Jae Si 

Lee Jae Si is a fourteen-year-old South Korean model born to famous football player Lee Dong Gook along with her twin sister Lee Jae Ah. The Lee family appeared on a KBS entertainment show The Return of Superman a few years ago, where the eldest daughter of Lee Dong Gook had gained attention due to her unusually tall model-like height.


6. Lim Chan Ho 

Lim Chan Ho is the son of South Korean actor Ryu Jin. The family appeared on the MBC show Dad! Where are you going? in 2014. Lim Chan Ho mesmerized the viewers with his adorable looks, In 2016, he again went viral for looking even more beautiful. Many netizens say that the little kid looks like South Korean Supergroup BTS's member V aka Kim Taehyung.


7. Im Chan Hyung 

Im Chan Hyung is the son of famous South Korean actor Ryu Jin. The child went viral for him looking like BTS member Jin aka Kim Seok Jin. It is said that Chan Hyung has a similar Energetic and Happy virus personality to Seok Jin.


8. Jang Jun Woo 

Jang Jun Woo is the son of South Korean actor Jang Hyun Seong. He first appeared on the KBS TV show The Return of Superman in the first season in 2013. After being off the broadcasting business for seven years, the young boy was again seen on The House Detox in 2020. Jang Jun Woo is a grown-up now, which made netizens realize how time flies.


9. Song Triplets

Song Min Gook, Song Dae Han and Song Man Se are the triplet siblings born to South Korean actor Song Il Kook. The triplets just turned ten years old this year in March. The kids have appeared on the Korean TV show The Return Of Superman for over three years. The triplets have a massive following on social media.


10. Moon Hee Yul

Moon Hee Yul, also known as JAMJAM of The Return Of Superman, has over 300k followers on social media. She's the daughter of Moon Hee Jun and Soyul. The adorable kid has been appearing on the TV show since June 2019.