Article: Top 10 Relatable Quotes From Because This Is My First Life

Because This Is My First Life is a slice-of-life Korean Drama that depicts the different aspects of marriage. The drama has thrown a new shed of light over the very foundation of marriage. When Lee Min KI and Jun So-Min start living under the same roof, they eventually fall for each other. The two decide to pay equally for the house they live and divide the bills. The drama has created a unique concept where three friends share different beliefs about marriage. Here are the top 10 relatable quotes from Because This Is My First Life.

1. Just because you lived yesterday, it doesn’t mean that you know everything about today.

The lines said by Yoon Ji-Ho depict that we can never know what an unprecedented future holds for us. It conveys that just because something wrong happened yesterday, it’s not necessary that it will happen again. We should keep fate in time and have patience.

2. In an era where making yourself happy is hard enough, not interfering with the other’s dreams is the best thing to do.

The lines said by Ji-Ho’s mother tell her that a man who understands her is much better than a man who loves her. She should be with someone who will support her dreams and aspirations.

3. There are many things in this world that are easier that way. It’s better to be a crazy bitch than a pathetic wench.

The lines said by Ji-Hoo’s friend are a reminder to Women that we should be strong, brave, and courageous. They should never let anyone look down on them.

4. In this day and age, it’s important to be born to good parents. Otherwise, it’s all useless no matter how smart you are.

The lines clearly show light on how having good parents is a blessing. When you are smart and can reach higher, you can’t because of your parents. Everyone deserves an understanding parent.

5. I think I’ve been living life without even thinking of loneliness together. Being alone is better than enduring and knocking into people.

The lines portray humans don’t want to get hurt. This is the primary reason why they prefer staying alone. Sometimes it’s better to be alone to enjoy your presence.

6. Words, too, have to get into a person’s heart to live on. They need to come out of the mouth in order to reach the heart.

Sometimes it’s necessary to speak your thoughts aloud. No matter what, if silence can’t sustain another person’s anger, it is needed to talk to them.

7. I chose love as my priority. Experiencing what real love is, in this era that I live in, it’s challenging to do it properly, even once.

Ji-Hoo chooses love over everything. She knows if she let this go now, she will never be able to experience the same love again. She knows how precious this love is for her.

8. Now I understand why people come to see the ocean when frustrated. Here, you can meet your feelings.

Ji-Hoo realizes vising ocean once in a while helps her reciprocate her own feelings. She understands what’s wrong with her and what she can do to overcome her anxious thoughts.

9. To everyone who is living at this moment, with all our sincerity, we wish you good luck. After all, this life, for all of us, is our first time.

‘Because This Is My First Life’ tells every viewer that we hope you are living this life happily. There’s no need to be worried or anxious, as we are living this life for the first time.

10. If we don’t try, we won’t be able to understand each other. Without effort, we won’t be able to understand each other.

It is necessary and essential to understand people. Until we keep ourselves in their shoes, we won’t feel what has happened to them. They must be suffering internally and won’t even tell us. Having mutual understanding is better than sharing lovable words.