Article: Top 10 Chinese Period Dramas Which Are A Must Watch

In Chinese period dramas, the theme of heroism and honour is powerful. These act as the protagonist's moral compass in completing a lifelong objective of achieving a sense of accomplishment and greatness. And we all enjoy the heroic story in which goodness triumphs. C-Dramas (Chinese Dramas) have been increasingly popular in recent years, and who can blame the audience? C-Dramas are actively boosting the drama and content game in the vast realm of entertainment, K-Dramas should be on the lookout. It won't be long until people find the C-Drama jewels are waiting to be discovered and adored, thanks to the availability of global streaming platforms.

1. The Princess Weiyoung (54 episodes)

Princess Feng Xin'er (Tiffany Tang) grew up safe and loved in her Northern Liang home, carefree existence comes crashing down when her father is convicted of treason, her entire family is killed by the power-hungry marshal of the Northern Wei. Feng Xin'er, who barely escaped death, is determined to avenge the killing of her family.


2. Lost Love In Times (56 episodes)

Lost Love in Times is a 2017 Chinese television series based on Shi Siye's novel Drunk Linglong, starring Cecilia Liu and William Chan.


3. Legend Of Dragon Pearl (90 episodes)

A descendant of Chinese emperors from the Ming Dynasty seeks vengeance on the present emperor after being pushed from power.


4. Song Of Phoenix (72 episodes)

Based on the mythical life of great Chinese poet Qu Yuan during the Warring States Period, Liang Zhenhua's namesake novel (475-221BC).


5. Fights Break Sphere (45 episodes)

Xiao Yan is a brilliant young man who suddenly loses all of his abilities. Xiao Yan's lack of talent is a shame to his family in a world ruled by strength and power.


6. Ashes Of Love (63 episodes)

The naive Jinmi is drawn to Xufeng, the Heavenly Emperor's son, and is hidden by her mother, the Floral Goddess, but forces conspire against them.


7. The King's Woman (48 episodes)

The most beautiful woman in the land wins the hearts of two very powerful men during the Warring States Era.


8. Legend Of Lu Zhen (59 episodes)

Legend of Lu Zhen is a Chinese television series that premiered in 2013 and is related to Zhang Wei's novel Female Prime Minister. Zhao Liying and Chen Xiao feature in the series,


9. Nirvana In Fire (54 episodes)

Nirvana in Fire is a Chinese historical drama based on Hai Yan's novel Lang Ya Bang, Lin Shu, posing as Mei Changsu, travels to Liang's capital to seek justice for a plan that branded his family as traitors 12 years ago. At first, Beijing TV and Dragon TV broadcasted two programs per day.


10. Ever Night (60 episodes)

Through his wits and improving fighting skills, he managed to survive in the wilds. He rescued a baby girl out of a mound of corpses one day and named her Sang Sang. They've been inseparable since that day. Ning Que enlisted in the frontier military and later joined Princess Li Yu's entourage to return to the city. He discovered the Upper Story, a private school that leads him and Sang Sang on a series of incredible adventures.