Article: Top 10 Relationships Still Going Strong In The Chinese Industry

Some celebrity couples on reel life turn to real life. The chemistry of these couples makes the viewers believe in love assuring them that true love still exists. Today have a look at some of the actors and actresses in the Chinese industry who found love in one another, with their relationship is still going strong (fingers crossed). Here is the list of these beautiful couples who make their fans wish on having a love story just like that.

Top 10 relationships that are still going strong in the Chinese industry-

1. Wallace Huo And Ruby Lin

The two first met on the set of their romantic drama “Sound of Colors” in 2006. They have had a strong friendship bond since then. In 2011, they again worked together on a historical drama, “The Glamorous Imperial Concubine.” Though both had feelings for one another, they did not confess to ruin their long friendship. Finally, in January 2016, Wallace admitted his feelings to Ruby on her birthday party. The two got married on May 20, 2016, making their fans happier than ever.


2. Tiffany Tang And Luo Jin

The two actors were in a relationship in 2013 when they worked together in the film “Agent X.” Unfortunately, they broke up, but some people are meant to be together, and this couple showed it. They again worked together in the drama “Princess Weiyong,” where their old love blossomed. The couple started dating again and confirmed their relationship on December 6, 2016, Tiffany’s birthday. The two tied the knot on October 28, 2018, with a fairy-tale-themed wedding.


3. Michelle Chen And Chen Xiao

The couple fell in love on the set of their drama “The Romance of the Condor Heroes” in 2014. Just after eight months of dating, Chen proposed to Michelle while vacationing in Paris. The couple announced to their fans that they had registered for their wedding on July 6, 2016, which is also the day of Chen Xiao's birthday. The couple got married in Beijing on July 19, and on July 21, 2016, in Taipei. Even though Michelle is four years old than Chen, they are an example that age does not matter in love.


4. Sun Li And Deng Chao

Another couple that went from reel to real life is Sun Li and Deng Chao. The two has worked together on several projects. They registered for their marriage on  2010 and got married officially on June 7, 2011. They are proof that some celebrity relationships do last forever. The couple is known for showing their love for one another on Weibo through adorable posts. How cute! Even today, they are undoubtedly one of the most powerful couples in China.


5. Nicky Wu And Liu Shi Shi

The two actors paired opposite one another in the 2011 super hit Chinese drama “Scarlet Heart.” While filming the sequel of this drama, “Scarlet Heart 2,” the actors realized their feelings for one another. The excellent chemistry of the couple couldn’t stop but make their fans wish for the pair to get together in real life. Fans couldn’t hold back their excitement when the couple announced they were in a relationship in November 2013. They definitely couldn’t be happier when the couple tied the knot on March 20, 2016.


6. Mark Chao And Gau Yuan Yuan

The beautiful couple met in 2012 on the set of their film “Caught in the Web” and went public with their relationship in the same year. The two got married on June 5, 2014, after dating for two years. Even with Gao being five years older than Mark and she living in Beijing while Mark in Taipei, nothing could stop the two from being together and spending their life with one another.


7. Angelababy And Huang Xiao Ming

The gorgeous couple started dating in 2010 and dated for four years before getting married. On October 2015, the couple had the most lavish wedding at the Shanghai Exhibition Centre. Their extravagant wedding is one of the most talked-about weddings of China till date. The two are practically the most followed celebrities on Weibo.


8. Ying Er And Fu Xinbo

The two stars got to know each other when they acted as a couple in the Chinese dating show “Perhaps Love” in 2016. They went on to work together in the drama “Sword of Legends 2”. The couple tied the knot on May 15, 2018. Ever since the two worked together, there were eyes on them beacuse of their incredible chemistry.


9. Raymond Lam And Carina Zhang

Hong King actor Raymond Lam and Chinese actress and model Carina Zhang got married on New Year's Eve of 2019. They started 2020 on a great note as a married couple. The two dated for more than a year before tying the knot. Raymond announced his marriage with Carina through his Weibo account on December 31, 2019. The couple appeared in the Chinese reality show “Viva La Romance 5” where they also spoke about their life together.


10. Han Geng And Celina Jade

Former Super Junior member Han Gang and Celine Jade went public with their relationship on February 2018. They couple who tied the knot on December 30, 2019, in New Zealand. One day later on December 31, Han Geng posted on Weibo and let the public know that the two had got married.


The romantic love story of these couples make everyone want to have a story just like that. These couples proved that there are no excuses when it comes to love. No matter what hurdles may come, if the love is true, you can make it happen under whatever circumstances. Best wishes to all the couple and may their love last just like this forever.