Article: 10 Most Followed Celebrities On Weibo (As Of Early 2021)

Although social media applications such as Instagram and Twitter are banned in China, Chinese celebrities can still connect with their fans far and wide through the Chinese social media application, Weibo. Here’s a list of the 10 most followed celebs on the application.

1. Xie Na (Approximately 130 million)

Xie Na, popularly known as Nana, is a host, actor, and singer. She is most popularly known for co-hosting the popular variety show ‘Happy Camp’. Xie Na had started off her career as an actress and starred in many productions. As a singer, Xie Na released her debut album ‘Bo Luo Bo Luo Mi’ in 2006. Xie Na is the recipient of Guinness World Record for the ‘First Person To Accumulate 100 Million Followers On Weibo’ and for having ‘The Most Followers On Weibo’. Due to her heavy following on Weibo, she is often referred to as ‘The Queen Of Weibo’.


2. He Jiong (Approximately 120 million)

He Jiong is a singer, actor, director, and television host. He is also a former lecturer of Arabic at the Beijing Foreign Studies University, which is why He Jiong is often called “Professor He”. He Jiong is popularly known as a regular cast member on ‘Happy Camp’. He began his career in the Chinese entertainment industry in 1995 as a host on the CCTV program ‘Smart House’. He Jiong released his debut album, ‘Be Worth Loving’ in 2004. He Jiong has officially entered in the Guinness Book Of Records as ‘The Male Celebrity With The Most Weibo Followers’.


3. Yang Mi (Approximately 110 million)

Yang Mi is a singer, producer, and actress. Yang Mi debuted in 1993 with the TV series ‘Tang Ming Huang’. She became an even more prominent figure after being cast in the 2006 released ‘The Return Of The Condor Heroes’.Finally, in the year 2011, she won a large mainstream attention with the time-travel-based drama ‘Palace’. She owns an entertainment agency called ‘JayWalk Yang Mi Studio’. The agency houses popular celebrities such as Dilraba Dilmurat.


4. Angelababy (Approximately 105 million)

Angleababy is a singer, model, and actress based in mainland China and Hong Kong. Angelababy is one of the ‘New Four Dan’ actresses. Angelababy broke into the acting field with a cameo role in the 2007 released movie ‘Trivial Matters’. Following this, she starred in multiple films as a supporting cast and in music videos. Finally, in 2011, Angelababy starred in the film ‘Love You You’ as her first main lead role. She even sang a duet with JJ Lin for a soundtrack of the movie.


5. Chen Kun (Approximately 95 million)

Chen Kun, otherwise known as Aloys Chen, is a singer, actor, and writer who gained immense popularity after starring in dramas such ‘Love Story In Shanghai’ and ‘The Story Of A Noble Family’. Chen Kun became internationally prominent after featuring in the films ‘The Knot’ and ‘Painted Skin’. Also a very famous writer, Chen Kun has published and co-authored many books. His first book was published in 2011 and was titled ‘Suddenly Walked To Tibet’. The book was a huge commercial success, and due to that, Chen Kun became the first and also the only actor to appear on the ‘China’s Writers Rich List’.


6. Zhao Liying (Approximately 89 million)

Zhao Liying is a TV and film actress and is one of the most highly paid Chinese actresses. Zhao Liying debuted in 2007 with ‘Nanyue King’. She did multiple roles in films and TV shows before finally landing a role in the hit show ‘The Legend Of Lu Zhen’. The show was a major stepping stone in Zhao’s career and propelled her to greater heights, making her the huge success that she is today. Zhao Liying was also elected as the tourism ambassador for Hebei, her home province.


7. Jackson Yee (Approximately 87 million)

Jackson Yee is a Chinese idol, and actor. He is a member of TFboys, a teen idol group. He debuted with the group at the age of 12, becoming the youngest member to join them. He has appeared in several commercials, movies, variety shows, and MV since 2005. He is one of the most influential teen idols in China with a massive fan following. Jackson has acted in several movies such as ‘Better Days’ and ‘A Little Red Flower’. He is the global brand ambassador for Armani.


8. Vicki Zhao (Approximately 86 million)

Vicki Zhao, is a Chinese businesswoman, film director, actress, pop singer, and producer. She is one of China’s most popular and most highly paid actresses. She rose to extreme prominence overnight after her role as Xiao Yan Zi, in the commercially successful TV series ‘My Fair Princess’. Zhao was regarded by many as China’s first ‘National Idol’ post the economic reform that began in 1978.


9. Yao Chen (Approximately 85 million)

Yao Chen is a philanthropist and actress. Yao Chen made her television debut in 2003 with the series ‘City Girl’ in which she played the role of Su Qingqing. She made her feature film debut with ‘Axis Of War: My Long March’ in the year 2006. As a philanthropist, Yao Chen was awarded the 2016 Crystal Award by the UN for her work with the refugee crisis.


10. Deng Chao (Approximately 82 million)

Deng Chao is a movie director and actor. Deng Chao is popularly known for being a former cast member of ‘Running Man’. He debuted in 2001 with the TV drama ‘The Joy Of Spring’. In 2003, Deng Chao made his entry into the film industry with the hit movie ‘When Love Loses Its Memory’. The actor finally ventured into directing in 2014 with the movie ‘The Breakup Guru’.Deng Chao had also starred in the movie and won the ‘Best Actor’ award at the Golden Rooster Awards and the Shanghai International Film Festival.