Article: Top 10 Chinese Models Who Turned Into Actors

China has always been brimming with beautiful actresses. Chinese actresses exude style, grace, and talent. Chinese fanatics are crazy about their idols; queries have even been presented about the authenticity of the shortlisted stars.

1. Dilraba Dilmurat

Her popularity exploded in 2017 with her leading role in the sequence Pretty Li Huizhen, which rated first in its time slot and received over 7 billion online views. She starred in the fantasy romance drama Eternal Love the same year. Chinese actress Dilraba Dilmurat aka Dilireba is currently in Chengdu shooting Prosecution Elite.


2. Fan Bingbing 

Fan Bingbing stood as a bona fide celebrity in her native China years before she earned any Western praise. Born in September 1981 in Qingdao. Fan Bingbing is one of the Chinese film industry's most prominent names. She was included as the highest-paid celebrity in Forbes China.


3. Ziyi Zhang 

Ziyi Zhang captured filmgoers' attention at the 2000 Berlin Film Festival with her debut performance as a youthful girl who falls in Love with a schoolteacher in director Zhang Yimou's acclaimed drama, "The Road Home" (1999). Her powerful performance and the rumors of a romance with Yimou led many Asian reporters to dub the beginner "little Gong Li," behind the director's former leading lady, whom he assisted rise to dominance in the United States.


4. Lynn Hung

Lynn, best understood for dating Aaron Kwok, took a stage back from showbiz behind getting hitched to Ken in 2016. Lynn, best known for dating Aaron Kwok, brought a step around from showbiz after obtaining attached to Ken in 2016. Lynn Hung entered a technique event owned by retailer Crossroads in Hong Kong, China, on October 10, 2013.


5. Liu Yifei 

The Liu Yifei Is an Established Actress, Singer, and Fashion Icon in China. She's worked with everyone from Armani to Dior and has released two albums. She has occurred numerous times on Forbes' China Celebrity 100 list and was quoted as one of China's New Four Dan actresses in 2009.[6] She is widely understood as the "Fairy Sister" in China.


6. Gulnazar

Gulnezer Bextiyar, also known as Gulinazha or simply Nazha, is a Chinese actress and model of Uyghur ethnicity. When she was young, she heard about Xinjiang Arts University, majoring in dancing. Gulnazar assembled her acting debut in the television sequence Xuan-Yuan Sword: Scar of Sky and grew to fame.


7. Zhou Xun

She acquired international attention via her functions in Lou Ye's Suzhou River in 2000 and Dai Sijie's movie transformation of the book of the same title Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress, in 2002. Aside from theater, she holds also cast solo albums in 2003 titled "Summer" and in 2005 "Come Across" and sang for "Baober In Love.


8. Liu Wen

Liu Wen is widely recognized as China's first-ever Supermodel and a pioneer in the fashion industry. She shot her first campaign with Steven Meisel and quickly became a fixture on the high fashion runways in New York, Paris, and Milan. she became the first worldwide Asian spokeswoman to land an international cosmetics contract.


9. Qu Ying

Ming Xi was born in Shanghai and learned theater and style design at University, graduating in 2007. Her theater career started to take off in 2016 when she appeared in the feature Warrior's Gate, produced by the legendary French director Luc Besson. Her modeling profession was assumed off after standing set as one of the 15 finalists for Elite Model Glance, eventually throwing her into fame as one of the globe's top supermodels.


10. Zhou Dongyu

Zhou Dongyu is a Chinese performer who accumulated acclaim after appearing in Zhang Yimou's movie Beneath the Hawthorn Tree. she succeeded the Golden Horse Award for Best Leading Actress with her version in Soul Mate. In 2020, she beat the Hong Kong Film Award for Finest Actress for her execution in Better Days. She was also selected by Southern Metropolis Daily as one of the "Four Dan actresses of the post-90s Generation.