Article: 10 Fantasy Romance Chinese Dramas

If you are bored with the cliche rom-com dramas, these fantasy romance-themed dramas will leave you spellbound. These dramas are an election from ordinary plots. The aesthetics of these fictional and romantic dramas will leave you shocked. These are the perfect combination of good cinematography and plots.

1. Ashes Of Love

The series is about the goddess of flowers getting stuck in a love triangle. The goddess was given a magical pill by her mother to avoid a complicated love life. But she loses the tablet after killing the fire immortal.

2. Eternal Love

The series is about the goddess losing her memory after an evil spirit defeats her, but she returns to the world and falls in love with Ye Hua. They go through three lifetimes to be together.

3. The Untamed

The story is about a duo going through difficulties in a school that trains them in magic. They find a shocking truth about their previous lives.

4. The Journey Of Flower

The series is about a girl who doesn't have the best luck. The girl's parents die, and she gets advised by her father to learn more about her abilities. She can attract dark entities with her scents.

5. Princess Agents

The story is about a girl who is thrown into the jungle because she becomes a slave. She gets rescued by a Prince and learns ways to combat enemies.

6. Legends Of Fuyao

The series is about a woman who takes birth out of a lotus and is determined to fight and enter the kingdoms to learn their secrets. She falls in love with the Prince, who teaches her about politics and battles.

7. Meteor Garden

The series is about a girl from a not-so-wealthy background joining a school full of elites. She gets bullied, but then a bully falls in love with her.

8. Guardian

The story is about a duo determined to crack cases that involve supernatural forces. They expose the underworld and learn about their friendship in their past lives.

9. Ice Fantasy

The series is about the Snow Nation’s Prince, who is on a journey to a shrine. He is committed to learning the secrets and destiny related to him.

10. Love O2O

The story is about two people falling for each other through gaming. The title means online to offline. They face many obstacles but stick to each other.