Article: 10 Kpop Idols And Their Lookalikes

Sometimes you are watching something and wonder if you saw the same person in a music video. These celebrities and Kpop idols look very identical. You will be shocked to notice the uncanniness. The fans of these celebrities doubt that they are siblings and hide it from them. The Korean industry is full of lookalikes. These celebrities will confuse you too.

1. Lee Jong Suk And Kim Kwon

Lee Jong Suk is well known for his role in Romance is a Bonus Book and Big Mouth. Kim Kwon appeared in Navillera and Thirty-Nine. They both have similar features.

2. Jung Hoyeon And Ni-Ki

Jung Hoyeon is a model and got praised for her role in Squid Game. Ni-Ki is a member of the Korean boy band Enhypen. He is known for his vocals and dancing skills. They both have similar face contours.

3. Lee Joon Gi And Hwang In Youp

Lee Joon Gi is known for his role as a serial killer in Flower of Evil. Meanwhile, Hwang In Yeop became everyone's crush after his role in True Beauty. They both have small and charming eyes that make them look alike.

4. Ningning And Jennie

Ningning is a member of Aespa, the girl group. Jennie is also a member of the popular girl group Blackpink. Apart from being members of the girl groups, they have similar features.

5. Dahyun And Yeon Hee

Dahyun is from the Korean band Twice, and Yeon Hee is a member of Rocket Punch. They both are stunning and have similar nose shapes.

6. Suga And Woozi

Suga is part of the popular boy band BTS. He also collaborated with PSY for a song. Woozi is a member of Seventeen and produces and writes songs. They both have similar jawlines.

7. Yeon Jun And Yoo Ah In

Yeonjun is a member of TXT and is known for his dancing skills and TikToks. Yoo Ah In recently appeared in Seoul Vibe. They both have the same face shapes and physique.

8. Kai And Min Jae

Kai is a member of the boy band EXO and is a brand ambassador for many luxury brands. Minjae is a member of MCND and is known for his charming looks. They both have similar faces and also personalities.

9. Yeji And Hyun Jin

Yeji is a member of the girl group ITZY and Hyunjin is a member of the boy band Stray Kids. They both look so identical that their fans thought that they were siblings.

10. Yeo Jin Goo And Kim Min Jae

Yeo Jin Goo is well known for his role in Hotel Del Luna and Beyond Evil. Kim Min Jae appeared in the popular Korean series Tempted. They both have comparable face structures and features.