Article: Top 10 K- Dramas Based On Mafia Romance

In recent years, K- dramas have experienced a rapid rise in popularity, carving out a remarkable position in the global entertainment industry. They have everything from heart-warming high-school love stories to thrilling revenge plots. However, there’s nothing quite like mafia-inspired K-dramas that has the potential to make any fan fall for the criminal. The unique blend of budding romance and dangerous underworld backdrop excites the audience. The suspenseful plots, thrilling action scenes, and fiery arguments make these dramas addictive. So here are the top 10 mafia-based romantic K-dramas for you.

1. Vincenzo

‘Vincenzo’, starring Song Joong-ki and Jeon Yeo-been, ranked fourth in the Forbes list of top Korean TV shows to watch in 2021. The drama follows the journey of a Korean-Italian Mafia lawyer, Vincenzo Cassano, who returns to Korea in search of gold secretly hidden under the basement of a building. To regain his fortune, he must fight Babel Pharmaceuticals, who has unlawfully taken possession of the building. This action-packed drama contains a perfect proportion of thrill, romance, and comedy.

2. Heartless City

The drama portrays the struggles revolving around drug cartels and undercover agents. After the murder of Lee Kyung-mi (Go Na-eun), her friend Yoon So-min (Nam Gyu-ri) steps in to catch the culprit behind it all, a cryptic figure famous by the name of ‘The Doctor’s Son’ and unknowingly falls for him. Surprisingly, he later turns out to be an undercover cop on a mission to destroy the Busan drug cartel. The drama navigates through intense action and unsuspecting plot twists making itself a must-watch series.

3. My Name

‘My Name’ is a female-led K-drama starring Han So-hee, Park Hee-soon, and Ahn Bo-hyun. After being the sole witness to her father’s murder, Yoon Ji-woo wants revenge. Blinded by the desire for vengeance, she seeks the help of Choi Mu-jin, a close friend of her father and leader of Korea’s most significant drug ring, Dongcheng She decides to leave behind her previous identity and assumes the name Oh Hye-jin to work as a police officer and to gather fresh information, all while also acting as a spy for Dongcheng. The drama stands out due to its unanticipated climax, gruesome action sequences, and tragic love plot.

4. My Beautiful Bride

The drama follows the story of Kim Do-hyung (Kim Mu-yeol), a quiet bank executive, and his girlfriend, Yoon Joo-young (Go Sung-hee). After being in a loving relationship for two years, Do-hyung makes a marriage proposal, but Jo-young suddenly goes missing. Do-Hyung, unable to obtain any assistance from the police, desperately begins searching for his fiancé and finds himself in the dangerous underground world of gangsters and mafia-led organizations. With new revelations at every turn and danger lurking behind every corner, will he be able to find his fiancé?

5. Yong Pal

A talented surgeon called Kim Tae-Hyun, played by Joo Won, cannot pay for his sister’s expensive kidney dialysis. To desperately cover his sister’s medical bills and to fend off debt collectors from his back, he becomes a night doctor for criminals. He adopts a secret disguise named Yong-Pal and provides his medical abilities to gangsters and law offenders. But the story takes a quick turn when he helps Han Yeo-jin (Kim Tae-hee), a chaebol heiress, to wake up from her coma sleep.

6. Lawless Lawyer

The drama takes place in Kisung, a city infested with corruption, operated by the mafia and gangsters. The protagonist, Bong Sang-Pil, grew up living a mafia lifestyle and became a talented and unorthodox lawyer known for his law-bending tactics. After his mother’s tragic death, he hunts to find the killer. Ha Jae Yi (Seo Ye Ji), a young law-loving lawyer, ends up working with Sang-pil. Together, they forge an odd alliance and work to bring justice to the wronged.

7. A Man Called God

The drama follows the narrative of Micheal King (Song II-gook); as a child, he lost both of his parents. He was adopted by an American couple. But now, as an adult, he returns to Korea to avenge his father’s death. With a new identity, he enters the shadowy underworld of ruthless gangs. Amidst the chaos, he is betrayed by his companion and then saved by Jin Bo-bae ( Han Chae-young). Fighting through fresh challenges, he earns the term ‘God’, a name that instills fear in everyone.

8. Bad Guys

The show portrays a unique perspective of the criminal world. Detective Oh Gu-Tak (Kim Sang-Joong) proposes creating an unorthodox squad of "bad guys" to combat the criminals in response to the rising crime in their neighborhood. To do so, he releases three criminals. First, Lee Jung-moon, a psychopath serial killer with an IQ of 165 and doctorates in philosophy and mathematics. Second, Park Woong-Cheol, a mafia boss on top of all the gangs, and third, Jung Tae-soo, a hitman with a tragic past. This one-of-a-kind drama should be on your watchlist.

9. Lovers

This 2006 TV series showcases an unexpected romance between a plastic surgeon and a gangster. Yoon Mi ( Kim Jung-Eun) works as a plastic surgeon and owns an orphanage. Ha Kang-jae, played by Lee Seo-jin, is an orphan raised by Kang Choong-shik, a Mafia boss who later becomes a trusted member of his gang. A misunderstanding leads them to discover an unforeseen romance between the two.

10. Friend, Our Legend

Friend, Our Legend" tells the tale of the close friendship between four young men in the chaotic 1970s in a rough Busan neighborhood: Jung-ho (Lee Joon-ho), Sang-taek ( Kim Joong-tae), Joon-Seok (Kim Min-Joon), and Dong-soo ( Hyun Bin). Dong-soo and Joon-seok fall apart to become lethal rivals in the city’s gangster ring. The drama depicts their trials and tribulations as they face the repercussions of their decisions and the influence on their friendship.