Article: Top 10 Korean Dramas In The Thriller Genre That Deal With Serial Killers

Having a serial killer plot adds intrigue to thriller programs. Any hint that could point to the murderer should not get missed. There are logical reasons why some viewers appreciate the genre, despite the grim subject matter and frequently delicate subjects related to crime and killings. Whatever the reason, some plays show and portray the issue in an intriguing exhibition of the drama genre, which is why most people appreciate it. Here is a list of the Top 10 Korean Dramas in the Thriller Genre That Deal with Serial Killers.

1. Mouse

The premise of Mouse is unique compared to other serial killer stories; it focuses on a scientist's attempt to discover the psychopathic DNA in the womb. The diligent policeman Jeong Ba-Reum runs into a serial killer while working in his area. He teams up with investigator Go Moo-Chi, a survivor of a famous murderer in Korea. Ba-Reum discovers everything they thought they knew wrong when they investigate brutal murders.

2. Beyond Evil

The Manyang Police Substation's fearless officers, Han Joo Won and Lee Dong Sik, both impulsive and quirky officers, violated the law to capture a serial killer. They begin to doubt the innocence of everyone involved in the case, including themselves, as they try to identify the killer.

3. Tunnel 

Park Gwang-Ho is a detective & the department is terrified by a horrible serial killer. Gwang-Ho eventually follows the lead and captures the criminal. He follows him into a tunnel, emerging on the other side thirty years later. Gwang-Ho pretends to be a detective to stop a serial killer using the same techniques from 1986 because unable to get back home. He hopes that by cracking the case, he can return home and change what happened in the past.

4. Gap-Dong / Gabdong

The fictional city of Iltan in Gyeonggi Province has been plagued by a string of serial killings since 1993, with nine murders occurring within a 12-kilometer radius. The police, who believe Ha Il Sik is responsible for the serial killings, conclude that a man they have dubbed "Gapdong" is accountable for the crimes. But after he kills himself, his young son, Ha Moo Yeom, decides to join the police force and work to clear his father's name and restore his reputation.

5. Tell Me What You Saw

An explosion caused by a serial killer took the life of Oh Hyun Jae's fiancée, and the brilliant criminal profiler retired. A new murder gets committed utilizing that serial killer's technique five years later. He met Cha Soo Young, a rookie investigator with a sharp mind while looking into the case, and the two of them team up to find the serial killer.

6. Train

Seo Do-life changes when the lady he loves gets murdered by a serial killer. Do-Won can travel parallel universes. He's a dedicated officer trying to apologize for his father's crimes in one universe. In the parallel universe, Do-Won works as a corrupt policeman. Do-Won understands that although his love may have passed away in one universe, she is still alive in another. In reality, he promises to solve her case, while on the other, he will work hard to keep her safe.

7. Voice

When two family members are killed on the same night by the same person, the lives of Moo Jin-Hyuk and Kwon-Joo are linked. After his wife gets murdered, former "mad dog" detective Jin-Hyuk withdraws into himself in the present. With her psychoacoustics abilities, Kwon-Joo becomes the head of a special task force known as the "Golden Time team." She has assigned Jin-Hyuk the responsibility of assisting the team in solving crimes. They realize that the murderer might be the one who caused the change in their life when he is exposed.

8. Psychopath Diary

Yoon Dong Sik, a timid worker, accidentally picks up the psychopath's diary after witnessing a murder. However, the automobile driven by Police Officer Shim Bo Kyung strikes him as he runs away with it. As a result of his personality changing, he finally develops retrograde amnesia and believes he is a serial killer. The original serial killer suffers anxiety as a result of losing his diary.

9. Memorist

Dong Baek, the main character portrayed by Yoo Seung-Ho, has a fascinating story. He is a diligent detective and gains the power to read people's memories through touch. All of Dong Baek's memories from his early years were lost, except his memory of his mother's murder. He teams up with a criminal profiler in the present after a series of terrible murders. Their secret histories become evident as they track out the criminal.

10. Suspicious Partner

Suspicious Partner gets frequently recalled as a legal drama with a strong crime storyline, the character's romance, and some humorous moments. A prosecutor named Noh Ji-Wook collaborates with a trainee named Eun Bong-Hee on a case involving a psychopathic killer. As they begin their investigation, Bong-Hee gets considered a suspect because she and Ji-Wook think the real murderer has amnesia.