Article: Top 10 Chinese Villains Who Impress The Youth

Hong Kong movies have run through better than 20 years of brilliance, and countless classic films and numerous outstanding performers have been born. The characters may not have been dug deep, but they are still impressive and have left a heavy note in film history.

1. Shan Liwen

Shan Liwen was a member of the heavy metal rock band Chyna and Blue Jeans and a close friend of Wong Ka Kui's life. Shan Liwen is handsome, but his smiling face has a mean and evil spirit of ghosts. He is just appropriate for Ximenqing's cruelty and vivid power. This position not just beat the audience but even won the popularity of the Golden Image Award reviewers.


2. Long Fang

Long Fang's operating profession can be separated into two years. In 1971, he experienced Zhang Che's "Shuangxia" and created his authorized debut. He later resigned from the administrative manager of Tiantian Fishing Port under Xiang Huaqiang to concentrate on acting as an actor until he retired in 2000. he evolved into an inferior martial artist from Dragon and Tiger and then a military arts administrator. He even starred in some martial arts films.


3. Collin Chou

Zou Zhaolong, held at the base, is a resident of Kaohsiung, Taiwan. He has analyzed martial talents since he lived as a youth. At 18, he evolved a teacher of Sammo Hung and entered the Hong home class. He also starred in some films but additionally usually recreated villains. In 1994, Stephen Chow filmed "Nine Pins of Sesame Officials" and asked Zou Zhaolong to play the villain Chang Wei in the film.


4. Zhang Yaoyang

Zhang Yaoyang is 181cm tall. He stands like a model and has a beautiful impression. In 1986, he was selected by Lin Lingdong to participate in his "Wind and Cloud" trilogy. Behind joining the 1990s, Zhang Yaoyang described some cheerful functions, such as Liang Zhenbang. n 1996, Zhang Yaoyang ushered in another critical role that would influence his future career path, playing the villain Tiger Crow in "Young and Dangerous with 3 Hands Covering the Sky".


5. Lawrence Wang

Wang Xiao is one of the few villains in Jet Li's movies that has not been "fought" with him, but his charm is no worse than that of Kung Fu superstars such as Zou Zhaolong, Yu Rongguang, and Ji Chunhua. In 1986, by event, he experienced the "Beijing Story" co-produced by W&S and China Nanhai Pictures. The part of Liu Dajiao in the movie was widely acclaimed.


6. Mark Cheng

Zheng Haonan was anointed by netizens as "Brother Add Money" because he recreated the killer Wu in "Underworld 2: Harmony". Netizens resembled the strengths of the two and felt that Ekin Cheng did not include the protagonist's halo, and it stood inquiring about beating Zheng Honan. In 1986, Wu Yusen's "The True Colors of Heroes" was initially tailor-made for him, but Tsui Hark prospected into the "Sword Horse Dan" before hanging it on.


7. Lin Wei 

Lin Wei is such a reliable and promising actor. He has functioned in better than 200 movie and television careers. He is understood as the "Takakura Ken" in Hong Kong, but he recreates villains primarily. Hong Kong's film industry seems to have never played a leading role in their lives, but every function he portrays, regardless of the length of time he plays, choice be accomplished earnestly, and his drama skills are commendable.


8. Yu Rongguang

Yu Rongguang, who debuted in the 1980s, joined the Hong Kong film process in the 1990s and created it exceptionally well. Yu Rongguang's multiple unique features are that he can recreate both favorable and adverse actors. Consequently, Hong Kong managers still believe in him when creating action films. But the villain Fu Guang, played by Yu Rongguang, has an incredibly tall favor. He wears sunglasses throughout the film.


9. Charlie Cho 

Charlie Cao changed many jobs before entering the film industry and later joined ATV. Behind starring in some TV sequences, he shifted to film development. He frequently occurs in Zhou Xingchi's films. He is also experienced in many indefinable movies, many of which can't be seen on Douban, and in those films, he primarily recreates the evil villain.


10. Liu Xun

Originally from Beijing, Liu Xun was born in Peking Opera. At 14, he described the Chinese Art Troupe functioning in foreign lands. In 1986, he was requested by Tsui Hark to function as the opera manager in "Sword Horse Dan," and he had before joined the movie industry. In complement to Liu Yongfu, the optimistic characters he has recreated contain Zen Master Baiyun, Zhang Daoling, Xiang Wentian, etc.