Article: Top 10 Chinese Stars Who Failed To Grab A Hong Kong Film Trophy

Chinese dramas and reality tv shows are more popular than ever. More than the English and mainstream drama shows and variety programs, something is catching much attention nowadays. Well, in plain terms, these Asian tv shows with both cheesy and robust storylines are hitting the television scores hard.  The real credit goes to the actors, actresses, backstage crew, and many other people who should come into the limelight but get mostly confined to behind the scenes. Some of the hit movies and dramas have had the actors and actresses do not get the full credit. Here is a list of ten who did not receive one of the highest film industry awards, the Hong Kong Film awards.

1. Neo Huo

Hou Minghao, the Chinese actor, is known by the name Neo Huo and, in English, Neo. He is also a singer trained under the mega Korean agency SM Entertainment. He is widely known for his roles in the film devotion of Suspect X and the dramas from the Cambrian period and When We Were Young. His position had been one that many critics had given positive reviews. He has received many fashion awards and the Golden Gudao Media Awards.


2. Cheng Yi

The Chinese actor is also a well-recognized singer of exceptional qualities. Cheng Yi made his debut in the TV drama series Beauty world and successively graduated with his degree in film and acting in 2012. The year 2016 was ideally very successful for Cheng Yi as his television drama took flight and gave him extreme popularity. The injustice was when apart from the newcomer award, he had not yet received any significant recognition.


3. Victoria Song

Actress Victoria Song has had a long history in acting and all sorts of dramas and series. Her list of involved ventures lists out to two or three pages. To summarise, she started with her first appearance in We Got Married Season 2. She was part of the KBS's Invincible Youth. She has received many awards, but most of the rising star genre. She has not yet got crowned with the prestigious Hong Kong award.


4. Xu Kai

The ever handsome and generous Xu Kai has a lot of heartfelt series and ventures to his credit. Known also by his English name, Kai Xu is best known for his role in the series Yanxi Palace, where he played one of the main leads and won millions of hearts and immense support from fans. He has been awarded the 12th Tencent Video Star Awards and the 6th Hengdian Film and TV Festival of China (Wenrong Awards) but not the Hong Kong Film Trophy.


5. Zhu Yilong

The 1998-born is rejoicing in the same hype of his career in the past few years. All of his previous works and so much more are in the process of grabbing the required highlight. Most people know him for his commendable work in the television series Love Three Lives, Border Town Prodigal and Guardian. He is yet to bag the Hong Kong Awards awarded with the China Movie Channel (CCTV-6) M List, China Literature Awards Ceremony and the Jinri Toutiao Awards Ceremony.


6. Niu Yu Kun

Actress and model Niu Yan have repeatedly got represented as a goddess of beauty in her photoshoots. Well, she is a goddess with brains. Niu is a graduate of the Zhejiang Sci-Tech University in the course costume performance. She has been an active role player and recently released a drama named "My Matrilocal Husband". She always has several classy series, such as Better a Lie Than A Truth and Crush. Ms Yan was nominated for the post of the best-supporting actress in the Hong Kong Film Awards but could not bag it.


7. Chen Xiao

The old is the gold actor has been active since 2009 officially when he bagged his graduation from the central academy of drama. Before this, he was cast at the age of 10 in 1997 in a theatre, Our Class Song. He has been increasingly popular recently and held the 93rd position in the Forbes 100 most influential List in 2014. He improved his score and got ranked 74th in 2015. With several recognitions and awards to his name, Chen Xiao has not received the Hong Kong award.


8. Li Xian

Who does not know this sensational actor in the Go Go Squid mega-hit series? To introduce, he is the actor whose first role was a minor one in the film Feng Shui but still caught some eye. He moved on to work in Soul Snatch, a fantasy film with many adventurous plots. Even after being recognized by the Forbes Asia 100 Digital Stars and the Forbes China Celebrity 100, he has not got awarded the Hong Kong Film Trophy.


9. Yuan Shanshan

Co-actress of another famous personality, Yuan Shanshan's light, has never been overpowered in all of these years by a co-actor or actress. Shining on her own, the actress is also a famous singer. Also known as Mabel Yuan, the diva played pivotal roles in the series Palace (both the second and third parts of the series) and Swordsman. Her fans hope for her to receive the Hong Kong Awards this year.


10. Xing Fei

The cute and timid actress is a brave and powerful lioness in reality. Known for her fantastic delivery of lines and emotions in the hit series "Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me" and "Put Your Head On My Shoulder", she has many of our hearts in her grip. Invited to the Golden Bud - The Fourth Network Film And Television Festival, her fans grieve her non-acquiring of the Hong Kong Award. Her skill speaks for itself and needs hardly any proof.