Article: Top 10 Chinese Drama Series To Make You Fall In Love With Just One Episode 2023

Korean Dramas have been making noise for the last few years in the Entertainment industry. And, if you have had your share of Korean, why not try some Chinese Dramas?  Chinese dramas are relatable, sweet, fantasy, romance, family, suspense, thriller, and more. Why not explore some C-drama land? Here we present a list of Ten C-dramas you would fall in love with:

1. My Little Happiness

Zhuo Rong (Fei Xing) always dreamed of becoming a lawyer, but against her mother's wishes. Her mother is determined to send her off overseas to study finance. She plans to return home secretly and work as a legal intern, unable to persuade her mother. In her first case, she comes face to face with her childhood friend. Wen Shao Qing (Tang Xiao Tian). Shao Qing is a surgeon, her landlord, and her next-door neighbor.


2. She And Her Perfect Husband

Qin Shi (Yang Mi) is a successful attorney with a career. Qin Shi's parents are determined to see their daughter married and try to force her to do so. Qin Shi wants to land a job in one of the top law firms and on advancing her career. However, the one requirement for working at that firm is being married. Qin Shi changes her status to 'Married' with her brother's help. Things start getting more complicated, and her parents also force her to set up with her rival at work, Yang Hua (Xu Kai).


3. Dating In The Kitchen

Gu Sheng Nan (Zhao Lu Si), an assistant chef at the Zijing Hotel, was a woman on her way to making her dreams come true. She was happy in a secret relationship with the head chef. She was devastated to find her boyfriend cheating on her.  Soon enough, bad things keep happening, first her breakup, then she learns that she may be out of her job due to acquisitions. In addition, a misunderstanding takes place between Sheng Nan and her soon-to-be boss, Lu Jin (Lin Shen). Lu Jin, a food lover, recognizes Sheng Nan's talent as a chef and begins to form a bond with her.


4. Be My Princess

An award-winning and well-known idol and actor, Mu Ting Zhou (Jeremy Tsui), is preparing to take the lead in a new historical drama. What comes as a surprise is who ends up taking the role of leading lady.  Ming Wei, a part-time model, wants to become an actress. Ting Zhou's eye catches her, and she gets a chance to audition. A perfect fit for the role and the leading lady, the chemistry between Ting Zhou and Ming Wei is undeniable.


5. Love The Way You Are

Yin Yi Ke (Angelababy) has done everything in her control to care for those around her. She never gets tired of helping those in need and often neglects herself. After some time, her heart turns deceptively cold. One day, Xu Guang Xi (Lai Kuanlin), her childhood friend, comes back into her life. Guang Xi wants to prove to Yi Ke that he is a man more capable of taking care of his love.  Love the way You are is a 2022 Chinese romance movie directed by Yu Chung Chung.


6. The Starry Love

When the queen of the human world gave birth to twin girls, Qing Kui (He Xuan Lin) and Ye Tan (Landy Li), the world rejoiced. One is known as a gentle and kind woman, while the younger sister is known for her intelligence and cunning. Admired by Humans, Qing Kui's reputation reached heaven, and impressed by her- the Gods chose her to become the Heavenly Concubine. She betrothed prince Xuan Shang Jun (Chen Xing Xu).  Ye Tan draws the attention of the Demon Prince and becomes the wife of the third demon prince, Chao Feng Luke Chen). Unfortunately, their marriage gets mixed up, and the sisters find them married to the wrong man.


7. The Oath Of Love

Lin Zhi Xiao (Yang Zi), a cellist artist, is preparing to start her career after graduating. She has a loving boyfriend and a promising job. But suddenly, her world falls apart. Her father is suddenly ill and needs to get hospitalized. She is forced to attend to his health and has to say goodbye to the job she was hoping to take. In addition to her misery, she breaks up with her boyfriend. Starting to feel sorry for herself, she meets her father's doctor, Gu Wei (Xiao Zhan), and forms a mutual understanding.


8. Shall We Fall In Love?

An optimistic, unemployed youth waiting for his chance in the real world, Jiang Yi Nan (Nichkhun) gets a chance encounter to save Chen Xin Yue (Li Yu Jie) from drowning. He decides to apply for the same company as her.


9. Why Women Love

Why Women Love' is a 2022 romance drama by Gao Kai and Chen Rong Hui.  Zhao Jiang Yue (Jin Chen) is a head of a tech firm. She is known for her nonsense approach to business and employees. Her firm releases a dating app that promises its users to match them with a couple in just three months. Zhao Jiang is somewhat clueless about her dating life.  Things start to get uncomfortable at work when the family makes arrangements for the future boss of the company, Gu Jia Xin (Wang Zi Yi), to join Zhao as her temporary assistant.


10. Love Like The Galaxy

'Love like the Galaxy' is a period drama based on a novel by Guan Xin Ze Luan.  Cheng Shao Shang (Zhao Lu Si) is a beautiful woman who grew up alone after her family died in a bloody war. She grew up tough and resourceful- but also untrusting a nd stubborn. She finds it difficult to see the good in people.  One day, Ling Bu Yi (Leo Wu), a talented and influential general, comes to town and falls for her at first sight. He resolves to marry her, but Shao Shang doesn't trust him.