Article: 10 Best Chinese Youth Romance Drama

The sweet and sour life of youth comes with many surprising things, sometimes pain, tear, friendship and romance. Some relationship start and some end. Youth is a crucial time that can bring many changes to our lives. In that period of youth, many see the budding romance, many betrayals, many face the brutal conspiracy and many let their tears fall due to not getting the love of their life, and many for not meeting the expectations of one.

Similarly, youth romance dramas come with a variety of twists and turns. The unrequited love, the misunderstandings, and the run to achieve something great. Here, some Chinese youth romance dramas that not only shows the love but also tears, comedy, and competitions.

1. A Love So Beautiful

The story of an optimistic girl ‘Chen Xiaoxi’, who never fails a chance to show her affection towards her crush ‘Jiang Chen’, a handsome and talented boy of her class. He is also her neighbor. Although Jiang Chen likes Chen Xiaoxi, he doesn’t show it. They, and their friends ‘Wu Bosong’, a playful boy who loves swimming, ‘Ling Xingxiao’, Xiaoxi’s best friend who loves astronomy, and ‘Lu Yang’, who is a cheerful boy but has heart disease, together they work to achieve their dream. The dramas shows their friendship from High School to the stage of adulthood.


 2. Love O2O

Xiao Nai, ‘Yixiao Naihe’ and Bei Weiwei, ‘Luwei Weiwei’ meet in the game of ‘A Chinese Ghost Story, where Xiao Nai asks her to marry him. Although it was all new for Bei Weiwei but Xiao Nai had already fallen for her by seeing her gaming skills in an internet café. Bei Weiwei agrees to the marriage in the game, and they both show their skills and together undergo many adventures. In real life, when they met, they had already fallen in love. Their bond grows strong, and even in real life, they overcome many obstacles and misunderstandings that only make them fall for each other more.


3. Falling Into Your Smile

When the all-male e-sports team ZGDX recruits a girl, ‘Tong Yao’, for the first time as their mid-player due to the injury of their previous player, the captain ‘Lu Si Cheng’ of the team doesn’t agree to the replacement. By learning and showing off her skills, Tong Yao convinces everybody that she can be a part of an e-sports team. Eventually, Lu Si Cheng agrees on her as a substitute, but that creates the fans to divide within them. As time goes on, they both know more and start liking each other.


4. Put Your Head On My Shoulder

‘Situ Mo’ and ‘Gu Weiyi’ end up living together in the same apartment set up by their mothers owned by Gu Weiyi’s mother. They both always cross paths even in the university, which makes their lives entangle with each other. Their feelings grow for each other when Situ Mo assumes and is heartbroken that her childhood friend and crush ‘Fu Pei’ doesn’t like her. Situ Mo was indecisive about her career even at the brink of graduation. Gu Weiyi helped her realize her goals and helps to decide for life.


5. My Little Happiness

Even after the determination of her mother to study and settle abroad, ‘Cong Rong’ returns to China secretly to fulfil her wish to join a law firm. As her first case as an intern, she was assigned ‘Wen Shao Qing’, a surgeon. Wen Shao Qing was her childhood friend, landlord, neighbour, and client. In their childhood, he always admired Cong Rong as his hero and searched for her, then he met her as his lawyer. They fight for wit. But their bond was so tightened by fate that they couldn’t even deny that they hadn’t fallen in love.


6. When We Were Young

The story revolves around 1996 when a high school student ‘Yang Xi’ gets injured in a lab explosion while chasing a bike thief and is unable to participate in the long-distance run. In school, she learns that the culprit ‘Hua Biao’ behind the whole incident is now transferred to their school and took over her position as class president due to his gifted mind and extraordinary performance in science. They, along with their friends, go through many obstacles, the pain of growing up, and relationships.


7. Unrequited Love

‘Luo Zhi’ and ‘Sheng Huai Nan’ study in the same university, yet unknown to one just like their feelings. Luo Zhi has liked Sheng Huai Nan for 15 years, it all started when they met at a wedding in one of their acquaintances, and Luo Zhi helped him from the bullies. They made a promise to each other. They again met in high school, but due to a misunderstanding they grow apart, and he starts dating another classmate. In the university, she accepts her fate of unrequited love starts to move on. But their paths keep crossing, and soon the spark of unrequited love rekindles within them. They undergo many misunderstandings, complicacy, and conspiracy that threaten to make their bond loose.


8. Accidentally In Love

To avoid an arranged marriage, ‘Chen Qing Qing’, an heiress of a wealthy family, runs away from her home to find love. But her grandfather’s people search for her so, she disguises herself as a different person and frequently changes her identity. She meets an arrogant but top musical star, ‘Situ Feng’, which later becomes her desk-met in the college. They have a very uneven relationship from the start, but as time goes on, they both lean on each other more and eventually fall for each other. Her disguises create many misunderstandings and comedic situations.


9. Sweet Combat

‘Ming Tian’ is the first male student of ZhengZe University. Even without having any previous skills in sports, he entered the university because it offered him a good amount of scholarship that could help him to take care of his siblings. ‘Fang Yu’ comes from a wealthy conglomerate family, she was initially trained to take over her grandfather’s company, but her interest in sports made her enroll in the university. Ming Tian and Fang Yu, initially don’t get along due to previous misunderstandings and having different backgrounds. But she was the first one to recognize his potentials, and that helped the friendship to grow between them. Under her training, Ming Tian not only learns boxing but also becomes a skilled sportsman.


10. Meteor Garden

‘Shan Cai’, a girl from a poor and ordinary family, gets accepted into a prestigious university that only accepts students from elite families. She immediately crosses her path and gets involved with F4, a group of the most popular boys of the university. As time goes on, ‘Daoming SI’ of F4, the bully, makes her survival more and more complex, but she never backs off from her situation and for that, ‘Hua Ze Lei’ of the same group helps her. Eventually, the boys, along with Daoming, understand her personality that helps them to grow their friendship and romance.