Article: Top 10 Chinese School Dramas

Who does not love some school stories? And if they have some drama and romance?  You love them, don’t you? And so do we so. here we are, bringing you the top 10 Chinese school dramas you should watch, and I’m sure, they will melt your heart!

1. My Little Princess

Lin Xing Chen is an illegitimate heiress of a wealthy family. She has never faced any problem except one. Due to her, being illegitimate, all she has to do to maintain her reputation is to marry a suitable bachelor. Her dream boy? Zheng Chu Yao, is a student who studies in a prestigious college, the “Four Leaf College”. The rich brat pretends to be in love with someone else just to get rid of Lin Xing Chen. Rejected by her dream boy, Lin Xing Chen falls for Jiang Nian Yu, a boy who could never meet her standards. Will she get her happily-ever-after?


2. Proud Of Love

Ever thought of swapping souls with a stranger? This drama right here will give you the same experience! Shen Xi and He Zhi Zhou have a vacation of their life, even when they are going with their separate group of friends. While being on vacation, He Zhi Zhou is struck by lightning and at the same time, Shen Xi falls in the water, and they end up swapping souls. One is pleased, while the other one struggles. How will they cope up with their new bodies?


3. Metero Garden

Dong Shan Cai is an ordinary poor girl who enters the most prestigious school in the city. Eventually, she meets the most famous and exclusive group of the school, “F4”. F4 consists of Dao Ming Si, Hua Ze Lei, Xi Men, and Mei Zuo. Even after being bullied by a member of F4, she continues to face them, and eventually, the whole F4 starts acknowledging her. This slowly becomes a beautiful friendship and later a romance.


4. Back In Time

This drama will take you to the time of the ‘80s. The storyline shown will make you miss your younger days and high school! The story revolves around three young boys, Chen Xun, Zhao Ye, and Qiao Ran and, two girls, Fang Hui and Jia Mo. Jiu Ye Hui wrote a novel of the same title and on that, this drama is based.


5. The Best You In My Mind

Li Xi Chi is a dazzling and cheerful student pursuing veterinary medicine. She looks perfect on the outside, but her insecurities grow more and more inside. Her childhood friend, Xu Fang, also studies at the same university as her. Crushing on Li Xi Chi for a very long time, he never fails to show his care for her. One evening, while he’s drunk, he confesses all his feelings to her. Will she care and tell her feelings to him or leave him on his own?


6. A Love So Beautiful 

Chen XiaoXi and Jiang Chen, who are neighbours, are also high school classmates. XiaoXi likes Jiang Chen, who is very handsome and is good at academics too. Jiang Chen is secretly in love with her as well but fails to tell her soon. Due to some circumstances, Chen is icy and only focuses on his studies. Will they end up together?


7. Skate Into Love

Li Yu Bing is shy, timid, and a coward in Elementary School and Tang Xue is constantly bullying him. Only one thing is there that interests them both simultaneously, i.e a dream on the ice.  A few years later, they met again at Lin da University. While Tang Xue’sfuture seems in trouble, Li Yu excels in his. Who will be the best, and will they fall in love?


8. The Endless Love

Gu Ye Bai is born with immense talent, and he uses it to showcase his beautiful art. But unfortunately, he loses his power to see colours. His world became colourless just before he was going to submit his entry in a big competition. All his worries go away as Lu You Yan walks into his life. But as soon as there is a beginning of a new romance, their relationship faces a big hurdle. Will they fall apart?


9. Addicted

Ever since he was young, Bai Luo Yin was living with his caring father and ill grandmother. Because of his mother’s death, Gu Hai, Bai’s stepbrother has been harbouring a grudge towards him.  Now two stepbrothers with very different emotional backgrounds are studying at the Beijing high school. Slowly, with time, they grow a special feeling towards each other. What will happen if they come to know about each other’s past?


10. Dragon Day You're Dead 

Zhang Jing Mei is a top student, and this drama revolves around her love life. She falls in love with Long Ri Yi, a school devil. Long Ri Yi is an out-and-out campus devil; when the devil met drama, a series of funny romantic stories start.