Article: Top 10 Japanese Movies To Watch In October To Get You Geared Up For Winters

Winter is around the corner, and such times make us want to stay indoors and cuddle up to our favorite movies and TV shows. When it comes to entertainment, Japanese cinema has a lot to offer. And people around the world have started to show their love and interest in Japanese films and shows. In recent years, the Japanese entertainment industry has seen exponential growth worldwide, which is incredible. If you are one of the movie buffs looking for movies to watch in October with wintry vibes, then you are at the right place. In this article you will find the top 10 Japanese movies listed below that you can watch at your leisure.

1. Love Letter 

Get ready for an emotional Rollercoaster with this movie. Love Letter tells the story of Hiroko, who lost her fiance in an accident and struggles to deal with the fact that her fiance is no more. However, Hiroko’s life gets entangled with a woman with the same name as her late fiance, and starts communicating with her through letters. The movie is about living through tragedy and accepting the loss. The movie shows the power of the human spirit and how life goes on. This movie has stunning visuals and breath-taking cinematography.

2. Sketches Of Kaitan City 

Sketches of Kaitan City is another masterpiece of Japanese cinema that you should not miss. The movie is emotional and raw. It shows the struggles and difficulties an ordinary, working-class man faces in life. The movie talks about the challenges that one must go through in life to live. The movie emphasizes the economic struggles modernization brings. However, the movie is comforting and inspires the viewers never to give up. The movie is beautiful with captivating cinematography. The movie is worth watching.

3. Take Me Out To The Snowland 

Take Me Out to the Snowland is a perfect movie to watch on a cold October day. The movie is about a sweet romance between Fumio and Yu, who meet each other at a ski resort, and their love story unfolds in a winter wonderland. The movie is wonderful if you need something light-hearted to watch, with romance, tender moments, and a glorious wintery landscape.

4. What The Snow Brings 

What the Snow Brings is a moving and thoughtful story about self-discovery. The story is about Manabu, who is the protagonist. He lives a miserable and searched life. He is divorced and disappointed and struggles financially. Later, we find out that he is the cause of his miseries. To earn money, he works at a horse stable and starts connecting with people there. Manabu finds his purpose again and a sense of belonging. He later learns the importance of family and friends. It is a profound movie with stunning cinematography.

5. Our Little Sister

Our Little Sister is another beautiful movie. The movie is about four sisters living together in their grandmother's house. The movie shows the loving relationship between sisters and how they take care of each other through thick and thin. The movie is poignant and emotional and magnificently portrays the love between siblings. Some heart-touching moments will pull the heartstrings.

6. My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday

My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday is a worth watching movie. The story revolves around a university student who falls in love with a girl on the train. However, the girl has a supernatural natural power that she keeps a secret. It is interesting to watch the way their story unravels throughout the movie. The movie is entertaining, touching, and worth watching.

7. Bread Of Happiness 

Bread of Happiness is another heartfelt movie. The story revolves around Rie and Sang, who are married. They leave Tokyo and settle down in Lake Toya to open a bakery. They both work hard together through different seasons to run a bakery and provide their customers with the best food. It is a touching tale of love, determination, and hard work.

8. The Tale Of Iya

The Tale of Iya is an inspiring movie and is worth watching. The story is about a girl and her grandfather living a simple and peaceful life in the countryside. Their humble lifestyle inspires a man from Tokyo, who was there in the countryside for some construction project to change his mind-set regarding the natural world. The movie talks about the power of simplicity and the importance of nature in our lives.

9. Sweet Bean 

Sweet Bean is a heart-warming and emotional movie that will leave you with watery eyes. The movie tells a story about Sentaro, who owns a bakery and serves the famous dorayaki pastries. His life changes when, one day, a lady offers to help him with his work, which he accepts. Later, he finds out that the old lady has exceptional cooking skills. This movie tells a poignant and tender tale of life and its meaning.

10. Every Day A Good Day

Every Day a Good Day is a beautiful and thought-provoking movie which dives deep into the significance of Japanese tea culture in Japan. The movie is about a university student who joins a tea ceremony in her neighbourhood, where she learns a lot about herself and her life. An eye-opening tea ceremony brings her closer to herself, and her life changes for the better. The movie is heartfelt, engaging, and worth watching.