Article: Top 10 Chinese actresses Making History In Hollywood And Still Going Strong

We all know that Hollywood is one of the biggest entertainment industries and brimming with young and ambitious talent. There are Hollywood celebrities that we adore and love watching on screens. But have you seen international artists taking over Hollywood with their powerful and unforgettable performances? if you haven't, this article is your source of knowledge about the Chinese actresses who paved their way to success in Hollywood and are still ruling the hearts of millions with their craft. We have listed below the names of some of the most stunning and talented Chinese actresses who are making history in Hollywood and are still going strong.

1. Zhang Ziyi 

Zhang Ziyi is famous worldwide. She is renowned for her acting prowess and versatility. She has established herself as a remarkable actress and has given several breathtaking performances. Zhang Ziyi has received many accolades nationally and internationally. Some of the major international fashion brands adore her. She is an iconic actress.

2. Liu Yifei 

Liu Yifei is an exceptional actress who has garnered fame worldwide. Her Hollywood journey is exciting, with movies like 'Mulan,' and she will continue to shine with her upcoming international projects. She is a promising actress, and we must look forward to more of her international projects. Some of her major works are 'The Forbidden Kingdom,' 'White Vengeance,' and 'The Story of a Noble Family.'

3. Gong Li 

Gong Li is a prominent actress worldwide. She has given breathtaking performances and has received international fame for that. She is a celebrated artist in Hollywood. Her movies have premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and Golden Horse Awards. Her journey as an actress has been nothing but memorable. She is also a talented and remarkable producer.

4. Lucy Liu 

Lucy Liu is another Chinese actress who has had an unforgettable journey in Hollywood and is renowned for her roles in several movies and shows. She has played various roles, and her characters in movies are strong, beautiful, and independent women. She is a confident, bold, and extraordinary actress who has captured the hearts of millions. She is also a UNICEF ambassador and known for her social work for the protection of animals.

5. Michelle Yeoh 

Michelle Yeoh needs no introduction. She is a brilliant actress and has taken the Hollywood entertainment industry by storm. Yeoh is a master of taking up a wide range of roles and playing them effortlessly. Her achievements are unfathomable, and she is still going strong. She is an award-winning actress, but most importantly, she has won the hearts of millions.

6. Stephanie Hsu 

Stephanie Hsu is a Chinese-American actress and doing excellent work in Hollywood. Her recent movie 'Everything Everywhere All At Once,' was a massive hit globally, and people praised her flawless performance. Stephanie Hsu is undoubtedly a brilliant and promising actress and has already proved to be deserving of all the appreciation. She has a long way to go.

7. Constance Wu

Everyone is acquainted with Constance Wu. She is a fantastic actress and has been going strong in Hollywood since 2015. Wu has done many TV shows and has garnered massive popularity worldwide. One of her most stunning performances was in the film 'Crazy Rich Asians.' The show was a massive hit.

8. Fan Bingbing 

Fan Bingbing is one of the most successful actresses in China. She has done a variety of roles in Hollywood movies and has established an impressive fan base worldwide. However, her fan following is not only limited to China; she is known worldwide for her talents. She was a part of the movie 'X-Men: Days of the Future Past,' which was her international breakthrough. She is an award-winning actress.

9. Tang Wei 

Tang Wei is another well-known and one of the most successful Chinese actresses. She is a thriving actress, singer, and model. She is dominates the Hollywood industry with films like 'The Blackhat,' 'Finding Mr. Right,' and 'The Wasted Times.' Her acting skills are flawless. She is beautiful, bold, and an incredible actress.

10. Li Bingbing 

Li Bingbing is another successful Chinese actress who is renowned worldwide. She has worked in superhit Hollywood movies like 'The Meg,' 'Transformers: Age of Extinction,' and 'Resident Evil: Retribution.' For the movies mentioned above, she gained wide popularity and instantly rose to international fame. Li Bingbing is a great actress and still has her dominance over the Chinese and Hollywood entertainment industry.