Article: Top 10 Thai Movies Based On Politics

Movies are a perfect source of entertainment and learning about the history of their ancestors. These movies involve war, politics, and assassins. These stories have the best combinations of romance, thriller, action, and crime. These movies have crisp storylines and satirical tones.

1. The Protector

The movie is a man’s journey to Australia to find a stolen bull and baby elephant. As the man takes the help of a Thai sergeant, many secrets start unfolding.


2. Ong Bak 2

The movie is about a boy trained by bandits and warriors to perform martial arts. The boy uses his skills to get revenge for his parent's murder.


3. Kingdom Of War: Part 1

The movie is about a child seized by the Burmese prince. The child decides not to live as a hostage and take control of the Burmese kingdom.


4. Salween

The movie shows the dispute between the borders of Burma and Thailand. People refuse to follow the laws and regulations. A young lieutenant takes charge of the situation, but it's not as easy to control the people.


5. Sunset At Chaophraya

The story takes the viewers back to the World War 2 era. The

story is a mix of a love triangle and a war. A Japanese navy officer and a Thai woman fall in love, and things start getting  complicated.


6. Slice

The Thai movie is about a psycho serial killer who not only kill shis victims but kills them in a torturous manner. The police must track down the killer before it is too late.


7. Infernal Affair

The movie is about a mole sent by the mafia to infiltrate the police force. The film captures them chasing each other to find the actual mole. The film is about betrayal.


8. Hard Gun

The movie is about two fearless thieves narrowly escaping from the police and hiding. They decide to avenge the death of their brother. The film has a kick for comedy


9. Saturday Killer

The movie is about a helpless assassin who falls in love with a woman looking for the murderer of her father. The story is a blend between romance and thriller.


10. Nemesis

The movie is about a psychiatric patient looking for the person who killed his family. The killer is not a regular person but a whole mafia.