Article: Top 10 Things That Thai Should Learn from Hollywood

In every human aspect, there is always scope for learning. Similarly, every film

industry can learn something from each other. In this article, we will be discussing a few things which Thai films can undoubtedly know from Hollywood and corporate those ideas and corrections in their upcoming movies for better viewership and improved quality of their entertainment industry as well.

1. Subtle Acting

While some movies require over-the-top acting, most movies can do without

it. Despite Thai films being excellent and heart-warming, sometimes, their

exaggerated drama throws the public into what we call “cringe” in modern

times. They can learn how to incorporate good subtle acting among the actors

from Hollywood.


2. VFX

This heavily depends on the budget the film is based on is entirely

understandable that most film industries cannot afford the budget that most

Hollywood films do. Even then, it would not kill to have put better effort into

VFX, so it looks more natural instead of hilarious.


3. Style

While this is subjective and varies from person to person, most people would

agree that Hollywood knows which style would suit their celebrities on the big

screen. It makes them look glamorous and not too flashy. Thai film industries

can learn a thing or two about how to adjust clothing or accessory styles on

their models and actors.


4. Make-Up

This point is a given. It does not require a further explanation either. Some

Thai actors carry too heavy a make-up look on their faces which does not

make them look natural and looks funny or unprofessional instead. It is high

time that Thai should start putting more emphasis on good makeup rather

than loud makeup.


5. Posters

We can all agree that while Hollywood film posters look pretty attractive, eye-

catching, and glamourous, Thai film posters look more amateur compared to

them. It does not spend much on its design or quality most of the time like it

should and sometimes ends up looking childish when the movie’s content is

far from it.


6. Titles

This is such a vital subject to discuss. It is still a mystery why they think it is

attractive or, rather, adorable to give cheesy or funny titles in some movies

when it is not fun at all. If anything, it diminishes the interest of many viewers

who end up choosing not wanting to watch it even if the movie is fantastic.

7. Storylines

Most certainly, many viewers have noticed how quite a few Thai movies share

a common theme and storylines, which are just reproduced year after year

with different titles. They must do better if they want to draw in the broader

mass to watch their films. It is so repetitive that expecting or watching new

content is once in a blue moon. Plus, their storylines are incredibly predictable



8. Emotional Reach

Hollywood movies, no matter what genre they are, always manage to build an

emotional connection with that audience. Undoubtedly, everyone universally wants to watch them and willingly waits for their subsequent releases. On the

other hand, Thai movies sometimes fail in building that emotional reach, and it

gets lost in the many activities they try to show in one movie.


9. Larger Than Life

Hollywood is excellent at showing larger-than-life movies on a grand scale. It

looks like being sucked into a fantasy novel with amazing graphics and

surroundings. Somehow, Thai movies barely try to reach that level, perhaps

too intimidated, or they fail to create the same impact as Hollywood movies.


10. Prominence To Women

Hollywood has always given an important amount of prominence to women.

Women actresses not only get a significant lead role but also get to act on the

big screen despite getting aged. On the other hand, the Thai film industry

mostly shows women having prominence if it’s a romcom, stereotyping the

women, and most of the time, they focus on youth.