Article: 10 Thai Celebrities And Their Favourite Food Item

We all have comfort food that we turn to when happy, sad, or confused. For some of us, it might be pizza, or you might feel a little bit adventurous and try something new that you definitely will not regret stumbling into. This holds good for celebrities too. They might have a strict diet to follow, but sometimes, you just can't resist, can you? They are only human after all. Celebrities also help support local businesses by posting about their favorite eateries on social media. That being said, here is a list of the 10  Thai Celebrities And Their Favourite Food Item for you to try out as well. Happy eating!

1. Urassaya Sperbund

Urassaya Sperbund or Yaya is best known for her role in the drama Crown Princess and KluenCheeVit among others. This prominent model in the entertainment industry claims her comfort food after a long day of work is the Magnum Mini Cup Icecream and has quite a few posts online endorsing this brand of ice cream.


2. Tony Jaa

Tony Jaa is an iconic stuntman and actor known for starring in the hit movie Ong Bak: Muay Thai. This actor posts several pictures of different cuisines that he samples on his Instagram handle but revealed that his favorite comfort food was Pad Thai, showing that his roots are still back home.


3. Mai Davika

Mai Davika is an actress known for a string of hits like Suddenly Twenty and Pee Mak among several others. She recently began her cafe called Misstar Cafe where she handcrafted every little detail and picked the menu, filled with her favorite snacks herself. The star attraction of her menu was the themed macaroons of different colors, something she loves eating.


4. Jirayu Tangsrisuk

Jirayu Tangsrisuk is an illustrious Thai singer, actor, and model known for starring in several Thai fixtures like Timeline and The Gentlemen of Juthathep. He revealed in one of his interviews with the media that his go-to dish in Thai cuisine is Green chili curry and recommended it to his international fans as well.


5. Nadech Kugimiya

Nadech Kugimiya is a famous Thai media personality and show host and has starred in several commercials and lakorns. Also known as one of the most recognized Thai celebrities worldwide, he revealed that his favorite food was the Thai classic, Green Papaya Salad.


6. Kao Supassara

Kao Supassara is a budding Thai actress known for playing in lakorns like My Forever Sunshine, O-Negative, The Swimmers, Love and Run, and Hormones among others. She recently posted a photograph on her Instagram handle of her eating the celebrated Thai dessert Khanom Khrok, which is coconut rice pancakes.


7. Gulf Kanawut

Gulf Kanawut is also known as Type from the famous Thai BL series TharnType. He is known for advertising brands and paid endorsements on his Instagram handle for fans to try out. He recently posted a picture endorsing the international fast food brand KFC, which seems to be his go-to.


8. Araya A Hargate

Araya Hargate is an illustrious Thai actress best known for her role in the recent hit Tootsies And the Fake. She has also starred in Loke Song Bai Khong Nai Kon Diew and the sitcom Pee Pien Hotel. This mother of one revealed that she loved making the dish Thaipo, which are giant dumplings, as a snack or for breakfast.


9. Mario Maurer

Mario Maurer needs no introduction, with his box office hit Pee Mak, his fame has skyrocketed in the past few years. This actor endorses different kinds of brands and labels on his Instagram handle. But recently, the actor endorsed a small business Master Seng Ling's Khanom Alua, which is a traditional Thai candy, saying it was a must-have for food lovers.


10. Ploypayap Srikarnchana

The daughter of two business moguls, Srikarnchana is a star of her rights, with two successful fashion labels Muse and Rosie under her belt. She recently recommended the cream cheese bagel at B.K.K. Bagels as a must-have for breakfast. She also revealed that her favorite food was a bagel, egg, and ham sandwich.