Article: Top 10 Idols Who Own Fashion Brands

Fashion branding is the mode of establishing a design model for apparel and accessories. The branding includes a new name, logo, color, design, and the kinds of products they are selling. Each designer makes their product unique by adding their artistic touch and style to attract customers. Most K-Pop idols sign contracts with top fashion brands and appear as ambassadors for promotion for the Korean branch or even at the global level. Some K-idols have created their fashion brands, and they have been running successfully. This article stated the top ten k-idols who own fashion brands.

1. Baekhyun: Privé Alliance

EXO's Baekhyun is the founder of his fashion brand Privé Alliance, a unisex brand for streetwear. He launched his self-designed products in 2018. The products are either a hundred dollars are below. In August 2022, Yeonjun of Tomorrow x Together has officially signed to the brand as its new ambassador and a part-time creative director. He has sketched and designed a few products and launched them successfully.


2. G-Dragon: Peaceminusone

G-Dragon is one of the fastest rappers in the K-Pop industry. He is the founder of Peaceminusone, a Korean brand that sells apparel and a few electronic items. They design shoes, overcoats, jackets, tops, and earphones. He also has collaborated with top brands like Nike, Redbull, Mickey Mouse, etc. At first, in 2015, it was a limited-edition exhibition, and later in 2016, the products went online.


3. Jackson: Team Wang Design

With the motto of "Know yourself, Make your own history," Jackson Wang founded his very own label Team Wang Design in 2017. Also, with the motive that fashion must not only depend on brands but also on the comfort they provide, the label products high-quality streetwear. The collection focuses on minimalist designs with deep meanings and a reflection of oneself.


4. Jessica Jung: Blanc & Eclare

Blanc & Eclare is a Korean fashion label founded by Jessica Jung from the girl group Girl's Generation in 2014. The brand produces denim, accessories like eyewear, skincare, and various kinds of clothing. The idol gets her inspiration from her mother, who has a great sense of fashion. She also stated that she travels to different countries for inspiration. Her products get named after countries that she visits.


5. Zuho: Celui Huru

A fashion brand named after his two cats, Loui and Huru Celui Huru is a brand owned by SF9's Zuho. His father currently serves as the company's CEO. Many of the K-idols have worn the brand and were spotted online. Chanyeol of EXO and BlackPink's Jennie are some of them. As seen on social media, they have apparel like t-shirts and accessories like caps.



KARD is one of the few co-ed K-Pop groups in the industry. One of their member BM founded the fashion label STAYDIUMLA in 2019, which mainly focuses on streetwear in American style. His primary focus was on anti-bullying and spreading awareness regarding it. The brand focuses on athletes and gym wears, with high-quality fabrics imported and designed by experts.


7. Namjoo: Sugar Please

In February 2019, Apink's leader Namjoo released a video regarding her new cloth brand Sugar Please. The SNS message left fans in a confused state because they thought it was a spoiler for their upcoming album. Later the brand got revealed to the public. Sugar Please has dresses, hoodies, two-piece outfits, and much more of their premium collection.


8. Hyomin: Say No More 

In 2021, T-ara's Hyomin reached out to her fans about her new clothing brand, Say No More. The store sells casual clothes for daily wear with simple and elegant designs. At first, Hyomin wanted to design clothes only for herself, but later she got the idea of making her cloth brand. She made a collaboration with Wonderwall Team to complete her fall/winter collections.


9. Donghae: TEMPUS

Donghae of Super Junior and his brother jointly own the TEMPUS, a fashion brand for aesthetic streetwear. Many times, as seen on TV where the members of Super Junior wore Tempus Brand in VLives or TV shows to promote their fellow member's fashion brands. In one of Super Junior's shows called "SJ Returns," Donghae gave out TEMPUS products to his members as a present.


10. Lee Ki-Seop: RDVZ

Kiseop is a visual, a vocalist, and a former member of the boy band U-KISS. He owns the clothing store "RDVZ," which is the brief form of "Rendevous."  He launched the brand in 2017, intending to produce streetwear apparel with hip-hop style. He is currently one of the directors of RDVZ.